Saturday, June 10, 2017

995,012 Did Mayor Burke Cover up a Sex Crime? Was Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr. Involved?

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What you get on Medford Info Central is the hard information city hall does NOT want you to see.

Trump's in 'serious Legal Jeopardy'

Muccini-Burke may have covered up a sex crime just to get elected, allegedly in concert with Roy Belson, Assistant Court Clerk Brian Burke, Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. and members of the Medford School Committee who were in office 2015.

Rick Caraviello loses in criminal court 1/31/17

You want to take a ride in R.C. Limos? Do so at your own risk.  Caraviello has lied about a resident he is supposed to serve.  Rick Caraviello is not a public servant.  

Bloodcurdling allegations about a former hire of RC Limos.  We are planning a HUGE story on that for Election 2017 tying in Rick's huge loss in criminal court.


Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr.'s Top 20 SINS

1.  This sin will not be posted on good, solid legal advice of a paralegal.

2)Did the Medford Police Chief, Leo A. Sacco, Jr. let his son get a free pass on allegations of drunken driving?  With a gun in his possession?

3)When the hazing / sexual harassment allegations 

4)Sacco's failure to stop Lebert in his tracks years before Stephen Lebert THREATENED TO KILL A MAN, on video

Medford detective admonished after 2012 video - The Boston Globe
Jul 28, 2015 - Leo Sacco, Medford police chief, on under-fire Detective Stephen LeBert. Quote Icon ... For this dad, fatherhood is on-the-job training.

5)Sacco allowing a local resident to go to court in January of 2016 knowing that the charges his department hurled against a reporter were false, defamatory, libelous and just plain malicious.

6)Leo A. Sacco, Jr. praising philanderer Sgt. James Lee.   Time to look into Sacco's own background and see why he endorses such ugly behavior.

7)Boys will be boys.  Sacco's failure to rein in Jimmy Lee resulted in an act of violence against a woman.   Let's see the entire mess that the police department's lack of discipline caused, leaving the victim's name out of it; let's see how ugly Chief Sacco's actions may or may not have been.

Under oath.  In a court of law. In my civil suit against the city.  Let's ask Chief Sacco about his double standards when I take the Chief and his cronies at city hall to trial, Mr. Caraviello.


Bush White House Lawyer: Trump's in 'serious Legal Jeopardy'

 Former Chief Ethics Lawyer for Pres. George W. Bush Richard Painter joins our panel of legal minds to explain why, after Comey's testimony, he believes Trump has some big legal hurdles ahead.