Saturday, June 10, 2017

and Don Trump has Maiocco/Finn video! Honest!!

995,074@1:55 pm

Stephanie ordered Bob Maiocco to meet Ed Finn in April

Now there's a Match dot com from hell

When Finn brings  up "mandatory ethucs* for Maiocco and bursts out laughing Maiocco threatens Finn with a dirty metal pipe

He has no ethics so Ethucs is correct spelling...rhymes with...

Finn slugs Maiocco like the Montana Republucan on steroids

Chief Sacco said though inappropriate he isn't doing anything

Don't worry Joe Sacco. Your dad ain't doing his job

Joe Sacco's kinda cute. I'm not an attorney but rumor has it his marriage is alleged to be like a Ted Nugent / Amboy Dukes album:  on the Rocks*

(HONEST TO GOD, as I turn on the ignition - I'm still here, get that thought out of your minds...WRKO was playing "Journey To The Center of the Mind" on Saturday evening a few hours after I wrote this.  Have NOT heard Nugent and the Amboy Dukes on radio in a LONG coincidental!)


I can help you, J S!!!

Get you away from your negligent dad and the allegedly abusive spouse

Since my cute boyfriend is off in Europe somewhere i can now offer you Counseling sessions 24/7.

A special non-alcoholic brew just for you!!!

(Paralegal demands I stop here!  Ha. Don't😳Run a red in Sacco City!!!