Friday, June 2, 2017

Defaced Mailbox Part 2

Letter to Darth Stephanie to post here about the mailbox graffiti

This week a mailbox was defaced with a dirty word straight out of Middlesex Superior Court clerk Brian Burke's mouth, the husband of "mayor" Stephanie Muccini-Burke.   The obscene graffiti stating FXXX HGB  Exhibit A:

A Medford startup got FDA approval on the Hgb (Hemoglobin) device -
don't know if a competitor was angry or if City Hall didn't get their cut...but an image of our "mayor" running around with a spray paint can would not be hard to believe given her husband's public display of vulgarity. 

In typical Donald Trump style Stephanie Burke told me she couldn't talk to me because my blog is "vulgar." Yes, Stephanie, it is, by virtue of quoting your husband and documenting the tasteless exploits of pathetic "council president" Rick Caraviello and that degenerate, Paul Camuso, along with the impure Brian Burke, how can the media outlet be anything else but "vulgar?"

It's merely a mirror reflection of city hall by this documentary filmmaker who utilizes Facebook live to catch you unseemly "govt. officials" (the term is used loosely) in the act.

So a police officer informs me that reprobate Rick Caraviello had the F HGB obscenity removed from the mailbox.   Exhibit A:

While Caraviello's campaign is vandalizing property the council president, who admitted under oath in a court of law that he is on the list of "Top S.O.B.'s in Medford" - is removing other people's graffiti.
It would be humorous if it wasn't!

The campaigns of Paul Camuso and Rick Caraviello defaced property on the Somerville line, across the street from the sheriff's office.  Exhibit B

What is derelict-in-his-duties Police Chief Sacco going to do about it?

Aren't there malicious damage laws and penalties, Chief???

Why haven't you arrested Rick Caraviello and Paul Camuso for their campaigns defacing property.
Just throw them in the slammer with violent ex-football player Ed Finn and be done with it.
Finn blamed an elder lady for the trash in city hall.  Blame Finn for allowing city hall to be defaced prior to the huge meeting on addiction - which allowed an entire city to see slovenly Ed Finn's handiwork via lack-of-effort :

Section 126A: Defacement of real or personal property; penalties; suspension of driver's license

Section 126A. Whoever intentionally, willfully and maliciously or wantonly, paints, marks, scratches, etches or otherwise marks, injures, mars, defaces or destroys the real or personal property of another including but not limited to a wall, fence, building, sign, rock, monument, gravestone or tablet, shall be punished by imprisonment in a state prison for a term of not more than three years or by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than two years or by a fine of not more than fifteen hundred dollars or not more than three times the value of the property so marked, injured, marred, defaced or destroyed, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine, and shall also be required to pay for the removal or obliteration of such painting, marking, scratching or etching, or to remove or obliterate such painting, marking, scratching or etching;

Chief Sacco is too busy watching Hogan's Heroes and repeating after the late actor John Banner
"I know NOTHING...NOTHING...."

Ho Hum...Caraviello cleans off mailbox, while his campaign is a disgrace, littering, posting a bumper sticker ... Now let's see, Caraviello owns a limo company, has he ever voted on something that would benefit RC Limos?

Rick Caraviello's campaign defaced property with a bumper sticker

Rick Caraviello falsely dragged a critic into criminal court and lost - which means he was not honest about the charges

Rick Caraviello said "no" under oath, in direct conflict with what he told this reporter in 2015

Rick Caraviello is a pathological liar and an offensive bully

Rick Caraviello wrote a vulgar note harassing my lawyer after Caraviello lost in criminal court,
while simultaneously defaming me.

Rick Caraviello abused the police department on 3/28/17 to censor a resident who was sitting
in the designated area.  Caraviello is unethical and is a bully.

These questions come from an anonymous tipster on Mr. Caraviello -


Jun 1 at 12:31 AM Message body

The city council president owns and operates a transportation business, yet has been seen at city council meetings participating in discussions and taking votes on subjects of transposrtation (sic) that may impact his own business or the businesses of his competitiors. (sic) 


Has he not participated in and voted on the subject of moving MBTA bus stops further away from West Medford Square last month; thus making it more difficult for the T, a direct competitor, to deliver passengers - his potential customers - to the merchants in that Square?


This week did he not participate in discussions and vote on repairing Medford city streets,

jv: interesting

Conclusion: Stephanie Burke is as out-of-touch as Donald Trump; as Trump is destroying our
ability to work with other nations (except for the criminals in Russia) Burke has isolated Medford and is seen as a renegade, and an unpopular one at that.  How can a woman with no "draw" at events
claim she won the election?   Something fishy went on ...and it leads back to Ed Finn, doesn't it?

Ed Finn's violent attack on this reporter June 16, 2015.

Good old Medford City and Fraud Committee had as its speaker the violent Edward P. Finn.
Good one, Maxim.  How do you follow that?   Easy, with a jail sentence for Mr. Finn for committing
a felony on a senior reporter who was investigating if Ed Finn allegedly was fixing an election

Given the above referenced unethical actions by Finn's good friend Rick Caraviello, and
Mayor Burke's nepotism (wife of abusive Paul Camuso gets a job, as does Muccini-Burke's campaign manager's wife...the only thing transparent about the Muccini-Burke Administration is how "vulgar" (that word again) her abuse of the citizens of Medford is.

If you have REAL qualifications, Stephanie M. Burke does NOT want you involved in city government.

They are hiding something, people.  Follow the money.   It's time to get to the bottom of it.

City Committee meeting May 11

The next meeting of the Medford Democratic City Committee is Thursday, May 11, 2017, at 7pm. It will take place at Medford City Hall in the Alden Chambers.
All are welcome as we hear from guest speaker Ed Finn, Medford’s City Clerk. Mr. Finn will discuss the city’s early voting program. We’ll also have an update from the Issues Committee.

Here's some Al Jazeera news for terrorist R.C. to read up on...

'Innocent until proven guilty is a falsehood'

For Alsip, the ever-present weight of the charges has already taken a toll on her life. "I'm pretty shocked by the impact it's had on my personal life," she explains.

"It seems that innocent until proven guilty is a falsehood - all the way from the prosecution and police to the people who had previously supported me in my activism. It's hanging over my head the entire time, which makes it really challenging. It hinders your ability to plan your life."

More challenging still, she must travel from Chicago to the capital for each court hearing between now and her trial date in March. She says the legal and travel costs are placing an immense burden on the defendants.
"Most of us don't have a whole lot of money," she says, adding that she refuses to take a plea deal.


Joe Viglione 
Soon-To-Be Executive Director of Medford TV
After we litigate!