Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Part 3: Untrustworthy - the new film by Adrian Lyne!

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Director Adrian Lyne

1987  Fatal Attraction
1993  Indecent Proposal
1997  Lolita
2002  Unfaithful

and now we are submitting a script to 
Director Lyne for  UNTRUSTWORTHY

Untrustworthy (2017)

Man disguised as Paul Drake, investigator on the Perry Mason series boards the plane.
He pushes disabled woman out of her seat so that he can breathe down the neck of the groom

Groom: Honey, that guy is awfully close to me.

Bride: You're paranoid.  Now let's have a nice honeymoon and forget about ALL your indiscretions.

Groom: What are you watching?

Bride: Oh, it's an old Richard Gere / Diane Lane movie

Groom: I always thought Gere should have got it on with her lover, Olivier Martinez and they should have conspired to get rid of her

Bride: Guess you can't take the hint

(private detective moves to the seat in front of the couple and puts a video camera in the groom's face)

Groom:  Honey, why is that man taking pictures of us

Bride: Oooooh....this is the good part...Diane Lane is at the cleaners and finds the photos of herself and Olivier kissing and holding hands in the secret pocket in her husband's suit coat...

Groom: I get the feeling that you don't trust me...

(P.I. moves to seat in the next row right next to the groom...keeps snapping photos)

Groom: I feel like a blogger with Facebook live is on our honeymoon with us...

Bride: I get some of my best detailed intel from that news site...that witch said that you FFF'd her while we were dating

Groom: You can't believe that blog, he just wants to get you going

Bride; Well, he's doing a damn good job of it. If he knows this, WHO ELSE DOES?

Groom: Well, we underestimated him. He's
6,246 from one million page views on that damn blog, and it will only grow in popularity in an election year. 

Bride: At the end of  Unfaithful do they run off to Tahiti or does he go to the police station? That Adrian Lyne can NEVER make up his mind on endings.  They shot at least two, you know, for Fatal Attraction.

Groom: My friends tell me that movie was your inspiration. What are you watching now?

Bride: The Lorena Bobbit Story. Next week is the 28th year Anniversary of Lorena's little chop chop ...the same week as our coincidental!

Groom: Ouch!


Lorena Bobbitt married John Bobbitt on June 18, 1989. Five years later, on the night of June 23, 1993, she severed her husband's penis with a kitchen knife while he was sleeping. She then got in her car and flung the penis out the window while driving. It was later found and surgically reattached.

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