Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Q: What do you call it when the police chief gets a call that his son's gun has been taken away from him  on suspicion of DRUNK DRIVING?

A: Would you believe Pop's Explosion?

"This is Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. begging you to tune in to the Joe Vig Pop Explosion so that he will STOP INVESTIGATING the wrongful conduct of the Chief of Police, his family and his staff. Thank you.   Tune in right now  I'm begging you! "

Welcome to the Joe Vig Pop Explosion

Tune in right now

Stress free day - no TV show - no, no, no it wasn't censored by Stephanie, just putting the focus on radio.

Beatles Sgt. Pepper special NEXT WEEK

1)TLC   "Sunny" Brand new version of Bobby Hebb's classic

2)Wildweeds  "No Good to Cry"

3)Kim Carnes   Acoustic "Bette Davis Eyes"

4)Girl On Top   Space Oddity (Bowie) 1:07 pm

5)Aretha Franklin  Baby I Love You

6)The Velvet Underground The Gift (instrumental)

7)Frank Dello Stritto on movies, the original Rocky and one more    We went FACEBOOK LIVE so you can hear it on my Facebook page

8)The Beach Boys   God Only Knows (Instr)

9)John Cale and Guests   Sister Ray

10)Ian Hunter   Dandy

11)The Beacon Project   Escape

12)Cindy Latin    Flyin' Home

13)Ian and Sylvia  You Were On My Mind

14)Genya Ravan/Ian Hunter  Junkman

15)The Failsafes  Too Far Gone

16)Type O Negative   Day Tripper- If I Needed Someone - She's So Heavy 

17)Bando De Gama  Back on Track

18)The Lettermen  You Were On My Mind

19)The Fighting Fish    Magic Potion

20)Sidney Green Street Band  Muscle Shoals

21)Jon Butcher  Happy Birthday If 6 Was 9

22)Sway Casey  Positivity

23)John e Funk  Jack Don't Know

24)Peter Calo  One Step Ahead of Crazy

25)Charles Berthoud  I Wanna Be

26)Tape   Dog Beans

27)Ben Harper  Strawberry Fields Forever