Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Beatles Special SIX HOURS OF BEATLES on Boston Free Radio

997,036 @ 2:22 pm
2,964 to a million...when I'm 64...

1)The Beatles  "It's Getting Better"  take #

2)The Beatles   All Things Must Pass (outtake)

3)Giant Caterpillar - Satellite    (daughter of Denny Laine from McCartney and Wings)

4)Interview with CF

5)Beatles  Not A Second Time

6)The Beatles  I Wanna Be Your Man

7)The Beatles  Don't Let Me Down

8)The Beatles  Free as a Bird Unreleased take

9)Paul Molinari  I Wanne Be Your Man

10)The Beatles  I'm So Tired (unplugged)

11)The Beatles  Isn't It A Pity

12)The Beatles  Take 1  Real Love

13)The Beatles  Sgt Peppers instrumental

14)The Rolling Stones  Gimme Shelter
Havana Moon live

15)John Lennon  Strawberry Fields

16)Genya Ravan  Back in my Arms Again

17)Giant Caterpillar "Satellite"

18)Peter Noone   In My Life

19)The Beach Boys  Good Vibrations Instr.

20)Cyndi Lauper   Strawberry Fields

21)The Beatles Strings  She's Leaving Home

22)Greg Hawkes   Eleanor Rigby

23)Peter Gabriel  Strawberry Fields Forever

24)The Beatles   Dear Prudence

25)The Beatles  Fixing a Hole

26)The Beatles  Glass Onion

27)Kat Quinn  Going Home

28)Heidi Jo Hines  Everything I Ever Wanted

29)The Beatles  A Day in the Life