Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Top 10 Medford Terrorists - 8:07 PM Sunday June 4, 2017

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10) Adam Knight
Classless moron.  Knight's strength, such as it is, comes from other people.  The unions, Mrs. Burke, he's the runt pit bull that was declawed, defanged and neutered.  Knight's bark is like a 45 RPM with a big gash in it, it just keeps skipping. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff.   His herky-jerky walk, congratulating from the bully pulpit of the council anyone that he thinks might get him re-elected, blurting out stupidity when his brain can't seem to grasp the required response, all an embarrassment to the people who live here.    He's a bad human being, a worse city councilor, and his one friend seems to be Matthew Page Lieberman, the unfortunate individual who allegedly told a woman to kill herself because she - wisely - didn't let Lieberman get his filthy paws on her.

Knight is your garden variety ineffectual human garbage that takes 30k a year and does absolutely nothing for it.   Adam Knight is a sick joke played on the citizens of Medford. He's disgusting. 

9) Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr.
Socially inept suave-in-his-own-mind derelict with puffy cheeks and no respect for his elders. A juvenile delinquent who has not the temperament to act his age in public, on camera.  Freddy the creep has done serious damage to life in Medford due to his failure to vote on important city council issues that benefit the citizens of this municipality. The sooner Dello Russo Jr. Jr. exits Alden Chambers, the better for the city of Medford. 


8)Paulette Van der Kloot / Roy E. Belson
Tied for eighth place, the not-so-dynamic duo should be up on charges of conspiracy, allegedly
To all those who believe Van der Kloot is a nice old lady, stuff it.  She's the stealth bomber of Medford and needs to be watched with the wisdom of the owl and the craftiness of a hawk.

Belson's easier to deal with as he makes no bones about being the menace to society that he is.  Van der Kloot is the "Silver Surfer" to Belson's planet-eating Galactus.   Danger Level: 1


7)Anne Marie Cugno

WRKO called Muccini-Burke "a charlatan," Mrs. Cugno is purportedly a viper!  The good news here is that those of us who believe in a green environment forego pesticides and unleash a more dangerous predator on a weak and wounded council president.   

Where blabbermouth Uncle Bob Maiocco went out kicking and screaming, underhanded Paul Camuso leaves seething and steaming --- presenting a clear and present danger every day he is breathing the same air as you, and Dello Russo too busy thinking about some tall handsome dude that entered the council chambers with people from the disability commission about a year ago, those three detestable sneaks still have some spunk in them and will fight back.

Caraviello, on the other hand, is damaged goods; a dullard that McGlynn is feeding to Cugno like some fat meat oaf (not meat loaf, meat OAF) coming out of the brick oven on election day.

Cugno sees the moment, and she will seize it...chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp.  

We will thank Cugno when she removes Caraviello, and will hope that she gets indigestion upon doing so!

It will be a Win/Win!

She's treacherous, and Caraviello, it seems, is out of luck.


  1. a venomous snake with large hinged fangs, typically having a broad head and stout body, with dark patterns on a lighter background.
    • a spiteful or treacherous person.

6)Mark Tonello

RC: "I lost the criminal court case!"

MT:  I still love you!

RC: I'm damaged goods with duh livery company

MT: You're my HERO!

RC:  Jump

MT:  How high?

RC:  Roll over

(Mark Tonello rolls over on the restaurant floor)

RC: Give me your paw.  

MT raises his right paw, his left paw, rubs his nose against Caraviello's pant leg

RC: Beg.   C'mon boy...beg..... Bark, Mark, Bark

Tonello:  Ruff ruff!   Flies? Flies? Pure puny things! Who wants to eat flies?

Caraviello: You do, you loony!

Tonello: Not when I can get nice fat spiders...

(all due respect to the film Dracula)

Livery Cabs | New York Post

A 79-year-old livery-cab driver plowed into a pedestrian in Brooklyn on Tuesday, leaving him in critical condition, authorities said. The 65-year-old victim was in 

5)Richard Caraviello

Do let the door hit you on the way out, Rick.
Say hi to our newest city councilor, Mrs. Cugno.

RC: Hey, it's soon to be defendant Caraviello to you!!!



4)Mark E. Rumley

Harvey Two Face may be a villain out of the Batman comics, and if Warner Brothers ever called upon Rumley to play the part you can put Ringo Starr's "Act Naturally" on the turntable.

The untrustworthy Mark Rumley, deserter, traitor to the cause, is one of the most selfish individuals this writer has ever encountered in his sixty-three years traveling around the sun on this planet.

To my credit, my first instinct was NOT to trust Rumley upon meeting him in early 2003; sadly, my first impression did not go far enough in realizing, understanding, what a perilous, not-very-honest renegade inhabits the body of the Medford City Solicitor.



3)Michael J. McGlynn

Mike McGlynn is a living, breathing Tony Soprano type. For all daddy Jack bestowed upon him, Michael J. McGlynn is one serious emotional wreck.  The unhappier McGlynn gets, the more fraught with danger inhabitants of the  Meadow by the Ford will be 

Sheriff Koutoujian might be trapped in "Hotel California" where he can check out any time he likes, but he can never leave the grasp of McGlynn; McGlynn's pathology, however, is far more severe and ferocious.  

Psychopath, sociopath, antisocial, those words don't begin to define the imbalance at play.  

Mike McGlynn would be Sigmund Freud's dream client - if McGlynn didn't pose an immediate threat to any analyst unfortunate enough to have to entertain dialogue with him.


________________________________ 2)Stephanie Muccini-Burke

How can McGlynn have the bigger Defcon level? Because he's the puppet master, the man behind the curtain, the director of the travesty known as Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke

When Phrankie not-so-Phabulous ran around Medford calling everyone including the lamp post "delusional" he missed out on the most delusional one of all!  The highly unpopular Stephanie Muccini-Burke.  She believes her own press.

Read Eric Burdon of The Animals book on how the guy from MGM records laughed in the limo when the young men in the band thought that - somehow - it was their talent that got them up the charts with "House of the Rising Sun."    

The fix was in for Stephanie to take her throne and think that she is mayor. And as soon as McGlynn tires of her or has no use for her, she will vanish into nothingness.    


1)Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr.

   How can Sacco be the #1 terrorist yet only show up as a 3 on the Defcon chart?   No jokes about Sacco being a deaf con, more like deaf, dumb and blind.  But it is all a twisted act so that Sacco and those he opens the kingdom to can rake in the cash.

Chief Sacco is a penny ante reprobate that has hit #1 only by virtue of his being Chief of Police.  He's at Defcon 3 because he's not the trigger man, his obedience is to McGlynn, Rumley, Muccini-Burke and Belson in that order.

He's the damn Chief of Police.  It is time he started acting like it.  Because he's a sycophant in an important position, Medford faces danger.

Sacco needs to be sent to where Rev. Chip Hines can hear his confessions, over at Cedar Junction, and a police chief willing, one who has the balls to arrest Burke, McGlynn, Belson and their gang must replace Stephanie's lackey, McGlynn's stooge, Rumley's doormat.


DEFCON levels describe the state of readiness for the US Armed Forces, with 5 being the lowest (i.e. "normal readiness") and 1 being the highest ("nuclear war imminent"). Source: DEFCON.