Saturday, June 10, 2017

To Mayor Burke 12:15 pm June 10, 2017

To Mayor Burke:

Exhibit 1 - notice the screenshot of the cemetery Board of Trustees - why is the page not updated?

James McDevitt, Chair, 3/1/2017
Stacie Clayton, Vice Chair, 3/1/2016
Dee Morris, 39 Russell Street, 3/1/2019

Via public records request the citizens of Medford find out that an uncle of Jeanine Camuso is put on the Board of Trustees.    Exhibit 2, attached

This is nepotism (or nephewtism, as Johnny Byers calls it) at its most vulgar.

Payback for Maiocco endorsing you in the highly suspicious 2015 election where a city clerk slugged this reporter (body-slammed, like that Republican phony did - Greg Gianforte - legally charged with assault in Montana )while Police Chief Sacco's son in January - on or about January 23, was pulled over for alleged drunk driving...never given a sobriety test, but he was carrying a gun.  So much for Mark Rumley's feigned outrage over a water pistol comment

When we spoke recently you said to me "Ed Finn is NOT my clerk" we wonder...aren't you the person who allegedly found Finn and got the council to hire him?  Such loyalty from the mayor, throwing her satellites over quicker than Donald Trump after a bad tweet!
What rock did you find Mr. Maicco crawling out from under?  At Stop & Shop Wellington?

George Scarpelli on the front page of the Boston Globe this week - witnesses saying that hazing in the shower was reported to Scarpelli and it happened AFTER, showing that Scarpelli was allegedly not proactive in a sex crime ...and, voila, a rape happens on Scarpelli's watch and he is now a defendant in a case where an innocent young man was jailed for seven days.

Ugly. Downright ugly.  Did you notice the similarity to another cemetery / shower hazing incident at the police academy?

Some of the allegations detail how recruits were forced to take naked showers while touching each other under freezing water, and being forced to eat multiple Ring Dings before a long run. According to the report, when one recruit got sick, an academy officer snapped pictures. On another occasion, Cardarelli claims he was sprayed with dirty water while on a run through a cemetery.

“Some of the allegations were personal to me and my family so I was somewhat shocked and taken aback, some of the most concerning items were pointed at Officer Cardarelli,” said Sacco.

(Once again it is all about Sacco and his family and not the public that he is supposed to serve and protect. Sick, just plain sick.   Sacco spends more time bashing victims like the woman whose lip was ripped open by Officer Jimmy Lee or Marjorie McMillan, or me, or the smear campaign initiated against the driver who caught Stephen Lebert.)

You should just RESIGN now, Mrs. Burke and take Sacco, Belson, Cugno, Caraviello, Van der Klute and the gang with you...Scarpelli, Maiocco - unclean hands and dirty mouths.
And double standards for a Joe Sacco while a Joe Vig is falsely accused and is victorious again- the most experienced public access producer in the history of Medford and we have no access TV station, Stephanie.

Along with my qualifications we have my ability to be victorious in a court of law, with or without counsel.

Who do I submit my resume to?  Jeanine Camuso?
Oh, please.  The qualifications are you must be loyal to Stephanie, you don't want a truly qualified man who can bring access TV forward in Medford, not when you cuddle and enable the likes of Bob Maiocco and Rick Caraviello

It's ok, since you don't want to know about the wrongful conduct of your "satellites" - as Donald Trump calls them (Trump is SO MUCH like you, Stephanie!  A prevaricator and out of his depth!!!) we'll just bring this in to a civil court of law, very soon!

While the police department invested so much time, energy and money into trying to silence me...and, as usual, I was victorious over the forces of evil, this time Richard F. Caraviello - hey - do we know anything about the past employees of RC Limos?   Just askin...ok, that's a story for another day... while on or about January 23 witnesses report the police chief's son driving allegedly DRUNK,
an innocent man is in court on January 31 because of the vicious, malicious, underhanded, unethical Muccini-Burke doctrine.

Stephanie, as Director of Personnel did you allegedly hush up a situation where a school teacher no longer was employed as of June 30, 2015?   Did you?   One notable person said that I'm lucky city hall didn't have me eliminated (instead of just taking it to a phony trial for asking in a public record's request dated Dec 3, 2015 about the incident.)

It's something WE WILL BE ASKING YOU ABOUT on the Campaign trail, especially since in November of 2016 Roy Belson said to a new hire "Joe thinks I hide sexual predators at the high school."  Given the allegations against Mark Smith and Jenna Tarabelsi...yeah, Roy, many of us DO think you aren't doing your job - public safety be damned.
Did you notice that after June 30th a varsity coach's name was still on the Medford High School website?   When I brought it to Mr. Belson's attention - voila - it vanished.  Now we have Uncle Bob Maiocco missing from the city website even though he's on the Board of, Stephanie, such lack of attention to detail for the citizens that you take so much money from.

I think it was intentional because Mr. Maiocco is such an embarrassment to the city and you just had to give him SOMETHING as payback for his endorsing you in 2015.  Is that right?  Not the best person for the job,   Hey, isn't treasurer/collector Ann Marie Irwin married to your campaign manager from 2015?  Attorney Brian Callahan?  Just asking...

May 23, 2016 I reported this:

We are investigating if this was one of Maiocco's best pals... (Mr. Dingolo who sued Bob Maiocco)

Sad to report, a month before the settlement with Maiocco, Mrs. Dianne M. Dingolo passed away.

In favor of Claimaint Robert S. Dingolo; Dianne Dingolo

Respondents: Robert Alexander Maiocco; Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Investment Type Options and margin trading 

Breach of contract; breach of fiduciary duty; unsuitability; fraudulent misrepresentation; negligence; breach of duties; violations of 15 U.S.C. 78 j (b) and 78 t (a), Massachusetts General Laws Chapters 110A §s 410 (a)(2), 410 (b) and 93A; agency liability; failure to supervise; respondeat superior

So Uncle Bob Maiocco, uncle of one of your employees, allegedly did this to one of his best friends?

And you have the vulgar audacity to put him on a Board of Trustees with a claim of "fraudulent misrepresentation" - good one, Stephanie.

Who do we contact to get on the girl's soccer team?  Anne Marie Cugno and her husband, Mike?   Oh...wait a minute...they aren't on the soccer corporation anymore, are they?  And why not?
Breach of contract; breach of fiduciary duty; unsuitability; fraudulent misrepresentation; negligence; breach of duties; violations of 15 U.S.C. 78 j (b) and 78 t (a), Massachusetts General Laws Chapters 110A §s 410 (a)(2), 410 (b) and 93A; agency liability; failure to supervise; respondeat superior

Update the city website properly, Stephanie.

See you in dare you not apologize to me when your husband called me a vulgar expletive in October of 2015.  So embarrassing that earlier this year you didn't want to even talk to me and apologize for his offensive behavior at the Chevalier.

Such a dirty mouth.  How does Brian S. Burke even eat with that mouth?

Oh, and that "mandatory ethics training" you sent to Bob Maiocco?  Really?  Mandatory ethics training...did Mr. Maiocco get the memo?

Rest in peace Dr. William Wood.  Where are you when we need you? 

Joe Viglione  

Screenshot available of this timed June 10, 2017

Cemetery Division

The mission of the Cemetery Division is to serve the citizens of Medford by meeting their needs with compassion and dignity.
We will deliver services in a fair and impartial manner. We will record and provide accurate gravesite location information and maintain the cemetery grounds in a pleasing manner by a trained and professional staff.
The adoption and enforcement of the following rules and regulations are necessary to maintaining good order within the cemetery and to protect the interest of all proprietors.
Board of Trustees
James McDevitt, Chair, 3/1/2017
Stacie Clayton, Vice Chair, 3/1/2016
Dee Morris, 39 Russell Street, 3/1/2019