Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why was TV 3 medford Lieutenant Steve Bertorelli at the new access station when MCC is under investigation by the AG's Office?

These Grumpy Old Men Really Make YOU want to join the new access TV station, don't they?

Notice the shifty eyes, Bertorelli staring to his left, Belson staring to his right, like they did something wrong.   Hmmmmm.....the story in their eyes!

Steve Bertorelli was part of the censorship at the now defunct Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.

Bertorelli was particularly nasty to this producer when he showed up at a coffee shop where I was.

The disgusting censorship practices are all over Bertorelli's unclean hands.

He showed up at an event dressed like a slob.

Standing with Roy E. Belson 

People who enjoyed the benefits of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. while acts of violence and censorship were employed need to be DENIED access TV until the Attorney General completes its investigation on Arthur Alan Deluca, Ron Delucia, Harvey Alberg and the gang of five.

What Bertorelli and the gang did to us will be revealed on a number of access TV shows.

Betorelli enjoyed access TV while people like Allison, Matt, Chrissy, Dr. Wood, Carolyn, Pat, Johnny and so many others were driven out.

Bertorelli was part of the club.

Bertorelli is a mean-spirited person and should not infect the free speech rights of Medford by bringing the dark cloud of TV3 back to the new access TV station.


Dressed for the occasion.  Steve Bertorelli was part of the old TV3 regime that we ousted after a long and difficult fight.  Bertorelli saw me at a coffee shop and was not nice.  So while people named Allison, Matt, Chrissy, the late Dr. Wood, Carolyn, Johnny, Pat Fiorello and this writer, among others, were ostracized, harassed, censored and belittled, Mr. Bertorelli enjoyed access to the station as if it was a private public access station - which is what retired judge Marie O. Jackson-Thompson determined and reported that it was. Now look at the attire of Mr. Bertorelli standing next to Roy E. Belson, the embattled superintendent that faced multiple petitions for him to leave.   Look at Bertorelli's eyes veering off to his left and Belson's eyes veering off to his right.  Shifty eyes tell the story, don't they? 

Look, this is about the rights of all Medford citizens and if TV3 was not honest about their records with the cable TV subscribers who paid their bills, why should one of their protected "members" who did NOT stand up for the rights of others just waltz in to our new studio and continue his practice of being selfish, mean and not open to everyone getting to share their point of view the way he did. Bertorelli and the entire TV3 crowd needs to be banned for five years so that we can get our access station back together without the toxins that ruined it.  Bertorelli was part of the pack that ruined access TV.  This is wrong, so very wrong. Look at how Bertorelli dressed for this occasion - it's a terrible example, just terrible.