Thursday, June 15, 2017

Letter to Roy Belson, 1:11 pm

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Roy Belson
Medford High School
489 Winthrop Street
Medford, MA 02155

TO: Superintendent Belson

Last night's event at the high school did not seem to have any security present.  This is troubling as  - against the wishes of Mayor McGlynn's tribunal - Allison Goldsberry, Fred Laskey and Chip Hines - to make the station centrally located, senior citizens like myself have to go to a school up on a hill on the Winchester line, and wonder about our safety.

Do you have cameras on the premises?   What if hooded hooligans from another city ran in, took the computers, and scampered off before you even knew what happened?  How effective would hidden cameras be then?

I have posted on my blog pictures of the deplorable potholes in the parking lot.  You are not doing your job, Mr. Belson, and you can rant, rave, scream and call me names, but the bottom line is that petitions noted that residents wanted you removed - and these are two good reasons why.

You, in a bizarre e mail that made Donald Trump look like an apprentice to you, ridiculously called my actions on behalf of citizens "self-serving."  Furthest thing from the truth; let me paraphrase Mark Rumley who said to me years ago that he realized what I was doing was for the public, that "no one" would put themselves through what I've been through (for selfish reasons, unstated, but that was the intent.)

You and Stephanie Muccini-Burke failing to abide by Mrs. Burke's OWN TIMELINES stated in March of 2016 show intentional foot-dragging because public access TV is anathema to this city hall.

We are forced to go to a high school for access TV, against the advice of the McGlynn tribunal, have no security (on a day when the headlines read: A gunman opened fire Wednesday morning during a baseball practice) -and specifically because I was responsible for shutting down the nefarious TV3, you waltz in with Steve Bertorelli - an individual who allegedly censored a mayoral candidate (Tony D'Antonio) from being on the air during an election, what Paul Donato (another man censored by TV3) called "the most protected right."

Bringing in a key member of the TV3 mob, in slovenly attire, standing next to the school superintendent (see photo below) was an excellent presentation of how NOT to open a TV station.
If a picture's worth a thousand words, you both have shifty eyes and look goofy.

Great image for the parents who want to see their kids' honest efforts, the school superintendent next to the reprobate.  Not the first time either.  Roy Belson known by the company he keeps.

Soccer mom Anne Marie Cugno was conspicuous in her absence.

Twice this senior walked into the high school with no security guard visible, no sign in, no logic to this travesty.

I know a little bit about public access TV and, news flash to Roy Belson, what you are presenting is just NOT real public access.  You had the opportunity for a member of the public to present his film on the founding member of the Jefferson Airplane, Marty Balin, to give the kids and parents a ten minute lecture on contract negotiation, filming at the Boston Esplanade, spending thirteen years on a two and a half hour documentary film, not the TV3 rubbish they passed off as filming, and you denied the students the opportunity to hear from a real Medford filmmaker because you hate me.

That was SELF-SERVING on YOUR PART, Roy Belson, when all I wanted to do was volunteer my time to help the students and the parents better understand what making a real movie is about.

Our free speech is hijacked 

Fix the potholes and open the doors to access TV now.  Oh, and put some security at those new doorways.  After I've been assaulted at city hall twice, once by TV3 and a second time by a city clerk whose friend, Rick Caraviello, said under oath in a court of law -  was involved in a "yelling" incident (as good a resume piece as you standing next to Steve Bertorelli of TV3) it is clear that Belson bullying is more important than public safety, free speech rights, and a safe environment where seniors (or students) don't twist their ankle in a Roy Belson pothole.

Paulette, you've been there for what, 28 years?  And we have potholes?

Time for some fresh eyes on the high school and some new people who aren't as self-serving as Belson, Cugno, Van der Kloot, Scarpelli, Skerry, you get the drift.

I've done more work for the citizens than ALL OF YOU combined - and Belson, in pure Trump style, praises the sleazy political types and throws down the man volunteering his time to make this city a better place.

Roy, you've worn out your welcome, you know it, and you cling to power like Ivana Trump getting booed in Europe.  People don't like you, Mr. Belson, and the complaints of potholes and no security are two glaring reasons why.

Time to put old Roy out to pasture...but those damn statute of limitations goal posts are allegedly in the way...


Joe Viglione  

Photo of Belson/Bertorelli attached to e mail