Monday, June 5, 2017

Letter to SACCO and the PHONY CRONIES

Kim Scanlon
Mark Rumley
City Hall
Medford MA 02155
Dear Mr. Rumley and Ms. Scanlon:

As you both know, my instincts, investigations and sources have exposed many flaws in the current and past administrations.   The Teresa Walsh story, the woman who had Jenn Dever-Wood's job, broke before the employees at city hall even knew that the chief-of-staff had a little problem with Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke.

Now there is a rumor that an individual at the DPW is carting his kids around in a city vehicle.

With a useless police chief that says he is "lucky" to have only traffic and parking to deal with (I have many, many photos of vehicles illegally parked at Nappi Restaurant, in the bus stop, in the crosswalk, proving Police Chief Leo A. Sacco Jr. doesn't do his job even with just "parking and traffic" let alone the murder on Salem St some years back, Captain Alan Doherty in the news, current or ex police officers Miguel Lopez, Stephen Lebert, Jimmy Lee, Shawn Norton, Shawn Hughes, Gregory M. Hudson...etc. etc. etc....)

When the police go after an innocent man - and lose to me in court (1/31/17) that shows you where Chief Sacco's priorities are.  
Heck, I was only asking if the Police Chief, the former mayor, the current mayor, the school superintendent and possibly others covered up a sex crime at the high school for political expediency in Election 2015 and -- voila - 5 days later (Dec 8, 2015) the police invest time and money in harassing a homosexual senior citizen reporter rather than keeping the cars out of crosswalks, the trucks out of the bus stop, and telling Officer Jimmy Lee and Office Greg Hudson to keep it in their pants.   
All the praising Sacco did on behalf of Jimmy Lee who - along with ripping his girlfriend's lip open -resulting in 8 stitches - Sacco never addressed that Jimmy Lee was a philanderer who ended up with a restraining order on him.   
Oh such a great cop by Sacco's highly questionable standards.   
And George Scarpelli, defendant, with civil charges that beg the question, why isn't Scarpelli up on criminal charges when the cops found the time to have a secret magistrate hearing to put trumped up phony charges on an innocent man.  Me.

The double standards and hypocrisy are glaring in this city.    
Mark Rumley writes to Chief Sacco about my line "I don't bring a water pistol to a war" or something like that when you all know I meant I bring things into a court of law where I win.   Dawn Natalia, DEFEATED.  Frank Pilleri, who claims a gay man broke up his marriage (NO, Frank did that all himself,) Pilleri DEFEATED.  Harvey Alberg DEFEATED.  Rick Caraviello and the Medford Police Department: DEFEATED

A public records request is being filed today on the DPW allegations.

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Joe Viglione