Thursday, May 25, 2017

11:43 am Letter to Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. SEE YOU IN COURT, CHIEF SACCO

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Do the right thing: suspend Mackowski, prosecute Ed Finn, and compensate me for the ugly way that the city of Medford has treated a man who has done enormous work helping his community with key videos, public records requests and 15 years of hard work and honest effort to benefit the citizens of Medford.

Shame on Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr., worse than Sgt. Schultz invoking "I know nothing," much worse since Sacco attacks the victims with lies and innuendo.

Medford deserves better.

I have won so many court cases in this city that I feel fully confident my Federal Case will expose Caraviello, Finn, Sacco, Muccini-Burke, Rumley, the entire rat's nest that has infected city life and stood in the way of public safety.   

"There's never a call for physical altercations with the press...or human beings"  Paul Ryan 11:35 am right now as I'm typing this - MSNBC.  "No call for this under any circumstances."

Chief Sacco has no spine and let a violent crime against a gay senior citizen get swept under the rug.

Acceptable behavior chief?  Police Chief Sacco, did you collude with the mayor to sweep the alleged varsity coach incident under the rug?  If so, you should be prosecuted and you need to step down immediately.

But what do I know?  I'm only a journalist Nell Coakley at Gatehouse concluded was "spot on."

I'm just the guy Judge Lamothe called "Very logical."  That Judge Fitzpatrick called "an intelligent man."  The guy who had Mark Rumley bounced off a witness stand, the man who defeated, Mackowski, Finn, Caraviello LLC - 

See you in court, Chief Sacco

Joe Viglione