Friday, May 19, 2017

Access Station? What about a new 501c3???

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Is it a Conflict of Interest if Paul Camuso's wife is involved in the hiring at the new TV3  since Camuso was so closely aligned with a 501c3 that the AG's office says they can't report on because it could impede "LAW ENFORCEMENT."
So where's the truth on Access TV?

And where are the access TV monies missing from the last regime, which had a "board member" filing for bankruptcy once the station was shut down.  Interesting.



July 14, 2016  Lisa Evangelista posts

Medford’s Cable Access TV Station, Moving Forward - This was published on the city website TEN MONTHS AGO in 2016, chock full of false promises!

The City of Medford and the Medford Public Schools are pleased to report that the multi-media/access TV studio is moving forward.       
“We have hired Ms. Krissie Fraser as the Medford Vocational Technical High School‘s Media Technology teacher. Ms. Fraser brings a wealth of knowledge that will, not only offer students the very best in multi-media education, but also her extensive experience with community access TV will provide us with the technical knowledge needed to re-establish Channel 3 as Medford’s local access station”, said Roy Belson, Superintendent of Schools. 
“One of Ms. Fraser’s first tasks will be preparing the Department of Education’s Chapter 74 Vocational Education Program application for approval of the Multi-Media Technology Program at the Medford Vocational Technical High School. Our hope is that the Department of Education will be able to process approval by early October”, said Dr. Heidi Riccio, Principal/Director of the Medford Vocational Technical High School.
According to Mayor Stephanie M. Burke; “One of the goals of my administration has been to get the Community Access Channel up and running. Over the course of the summer, a consultant will work with Ms. Fraser to analyze the existing equipment from Channel 3 and determine what additional equipment is needed to make the facility state of the art. We are currently in the process of interviewing for the Station Manager position for the access channel.  The Medford Public Schools is working with Diane McLeod, Medford’s Director of Diversity, to make sure the studio is handicap accessible.”

“Beginning in the fall, our goal is to institute mobile programming while the studio construction is underway. In addition, once a Station Manager is hired, we anticipate this individual will be training members of the community on the equipment so that it may be borrowed for community use. We are working with the city to ensure that security matters are fully covered and operational when the studio goes online”, said Riccio. 
“Our collaborative efforts will bring this goal to fruition and we can expect to have regular programming on all local access, government and school stations,” said Mayor Stephanie M. Burke. 

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