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The Story IS Chief Sacco - Playing in TRAFFIC, not the band either

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"I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime"  Buddy Sacco

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Here is a story that I'm sure City Hall will want to squash.  So I'll include them in the cc: just to give the law department a heads up.
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Chief Sacco - playing in Traffic - the Medford traffic mess,  not Steve Winwood's rock band...

By Joe Viglione

"I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime" Medford Police Chief Leo A. "Buddy" Sacco, Jr. told three or four dozen people at the Medford Senior Center, May 3, 2017 as captured on my Facebook Live. See video   

It was the outwardly affable head cop in Medford at one of his monthly Police Community Meetings which, in and of itself, is a good idea.  The problem is that - as happens often in Medford - the head of the department that oversees public safety in our city was being less than honest with the senior citizens. Sacco's intentional sweeping of a multitude of high profile crimes under the rug with a delightful and endearing Norman Rockwell painting of Medford was hardly in touch with reality, but it is a pattern that the chief has established, and it is an absolute dereliction of duty and possible violation of his oath of honor.

On my honor,I will never betray my badge1,
my integrity, my character, 
or the public trust.
I will always have 
the courage to hold myself 
and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution2
my community3 and the agency I serve.  

Well, the public trust was betrayed, Leo, a number of times, in a number of instances, and it was you, the top cop, that betrayed that trust.

Though this writer has helped the police on cases too numerous to mention, helping them solve crimes in this city,  having hard evidence of Sacco's failure to abide by that oath makes me want to gag when I read his ridiculous statement to the senior center attendees.  

Sacco's anti-community activities in Medford have not EVER been properly documented before because people fear the chief and the two grossly corrupt Administrations that he has served under.   An "anonymous source" told me during election 2015 that they tipped off the local newspaper to a huge story of an alleged sex crime at the high school involving, allegedly, a powerful politician's daughter.  Creepy that the former editor allegedly swept it under the rug at - again -  election time, 2015 -  when a public records request I sent to Superintendent Belson or one of his cronies revealed a teacher no longer employed as of June 30, 2015, exactly two weeks to the day when I was physically and verbally assaulted after a city council meeting by City Clerk Edward P. Finn.

There are no coincidences.    Now either this writer is the unluckiest guy in the world, being stalked and hit in Medford within a three day period, or that old adage says so clearly 'you're only taking flak if you're over the target'" is true.  Go with the latter.

Sacco's misstatement that I captured on tape:  "the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime" clearly echoes fictional Luftwaffe POW camp guard Sergeant Schultz - Sacco mirroring actor John Banner's voice to a proverbial "T" - to perfection.

Sacco knows "nothing...nothing."   Kind of like ADA Douglas Nagengast up at Marian Ryan's farce of a District Attorney's office, telling a victim to go to the Medford Police only to find the police failing to do a proper investigation when that disreputable city clerk assaulted this writer, and then the police and the D.A. filing false charges on this victim, which I prevailed over in Cambridge Court on January 31, 2017.

There will be a civil case. I am filing a 1.5 million dollar case against the DA's office, the police department, the City Council etc.  Other complaints are being filed as well.

News flash to the residents: they didn't file "witness intimidation" charges on me because of the Finn incident, they were upset about a public records request filed December 3, 2015, and a complaint on Brian S. Burke, another jerk of a clerk, this one up in Middlesex Superior Court, a complaint filed with Justice Judith Fabricant and that big phony Clerk Michael Sullivan on or about December 1, 2015 

Mr. Clerk Burke called me a "motherfxxer" at the Chevalier Theater where I was legitimately taping the debate between mayoral candidates.  You think Mrs. Mayor Burke wants ME running the TV station in Medford, despite my awards and my experience spanning 38 years in access television?

Call the EEOC - too much nepotism in Medford like the Mayor allegedly hiring her campaign manager's wife, and then - allegedly - shipping her off to school to learn the trade, allegedly screwing more qualified candidates so that, ho hum, she can pay back her supporters with jobs and goodies at the expense of the public.  Under Chief Sacco's watchful eye.   Disgusting, isn't it?

My public records request on the teacher and the alleged politician's alleged daughter was filed on 12/3/15. The police started their investigation on this writer and drew up the phony charges on December 8, 2015.   On January 8, 2016, two days before the anniversary of a tragic death in my household, a death they know that I will never get over, the hole in my heart just lingering forty months and 10 days later,  the charges arrived in the mail.  That's the kind of hardball these insensitive and criminal government officials engage in.

Absolutely malicious how the city of Medford plays, isn't it, Judge Fabricant?  (who is in the bcc)

I prevailed, of course, on January 31, 2017 and Detective Paul MacKowski "couldn't recall" on the witness stand the e mail that would exonerate me.  
Interesting that I had that exhibit in my hands while MacKowski "couldn't recall."  But here's the $$$$64,000 dollar question ...if you're a detective raking in a huge paycheck, and you've seen the exhibits, the evidence, how the hell do you say you "can't recall" with a straight face?

Duh.   Chief Sacco's men at work.  

A detective who "can't recall," especially when the key piece of evidence is an exhibit in a criminal trial, is like a chef who can't see the rats in the salad.   What kind of city is this when a detective can't interview the right witnesses when a city clerk slugs a gay senior citizen (the ex football player attacking a guitar player, real fair fight, ya think?) and then when false charges are filed on the victim, the detective, on the witness stand, can't "recall" the evidence that proved there should have been no case whatsoever.  Yet I was reading the evidence when the detective had his "moment of doubt and pain" (Sympathy for the Devil.)

Read that clearly:  after I documented Sacco's crimes against the people via my blog, my e mails and my public records requests, the city retaliated hard by filing fake "witness intimidation" charges to hold the victim up to public humiliation - which is perfectly in line with Sacco's sick m.o., his classless and tiresome modus operandi  of smearing multiple victims, which I submit is a clear and present danger to public safety in the city of Medford.

While we have overdoses on one side of Medford and sexual predators at the high school and, allegedly, janitors thought to be more efficient than bomb sniffing dogs to keep your kids safe, you better damn well drink Chief Sacco's Kool aid that "I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime"  Because if you don't - they will file false "witness intimidation" charges on you when you ask which teacher molested your child.   Word is yet ANOTHER teacher allegedly is on the loose at Medford High School...right now...but, ho hum, Chief Sacco says you can sleep well.  Nothing there...move along.   

Tell that to the mother of the 15 year old who has pictures of his ex-teacher (or is it alleged Sex teacher?) Jenna Tarabelsi's breasts (Fox 25 news)

Oh, it wasn't a "violent" crime, it was merely a sex crime. Allegedly.  Traffic and Parking far more important than letting parents know that their kids are purportedly blockaded inside the high school after - ho hum, another bomb threat from Russia internet hackers ...Donald Trump has more credibility, and Mr. Trump stands at less than zero.

On July 26, 2015 one of Sacco's officers, off duty, threatened to kill a Malden resident.  That the incident was caught on camera determined how the victim of a violent crime would be treated.   Even with the video the smear campaign against the victim had initiated, the city officials in Medford never thinking the video would go viral and become a national news story, a story Sacco was unable to contain.

Police Chief Sacco has engaged in a pattern of "blame the victim," with many examples we can provide.  That all came unraveling when a Michael Coates filmed the infamous traffic stop of former Medford Detective Stephen Lebert, an incorrigible lout unfit to carry a gun, but an individual coddled by Sacco and, much worse, enabled when the aforementioned "modus operandi" is also the formula of former Mayor Michael J. McGlynn and his successor, Stephanie Muccini-Burke.  They love to hide things under the rug, point fingers at the victim, deny, deny, deny.   

Here's a quick list of crimes and allegations that are in direct conflict with Chief Sacco's optimistic perception dulled by his permanent rose colored glasses.  It is INCOMPLETE as is the list of victims Sacco has smeared in Donald Trump fashion to attempt to deflect reality and sweep it all away before it gets any traction.

1)Murder and perjury August 28, 2010  "I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime" Medford Police Chief Leo A. "Buddy" Sacco, Jr

Beattie witnessed his roommate, Christopher Toppi, beat to death Brian Fahy, 28, at their 382 Salem St. apartment on August 28, 2010, prosecutors said. But when called to testify before a grand jury, Beattie denied seeing Toppi at the apartment and failed to reveal other information about the killing, including a conversation he had with Toppi about the murder weapon, prosecutors said. (Medford Patch)

2)Nov 21, 2014 - Stanley Komins, left, and his son Stephen Komins, of Stoneham, were both found guilty of embezzling money from the West Medford Little ... (Boston Globe) "I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime" Medford Police Chief Leo A. "Buddy" Sacco, Jr   It might not be a violent crime, "Buddy" Sacco, but it cheated families and children and was hardly a reflection of your pathetic statement that the "biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking."  Cheating little league players out of their resources is a little bit more egregious than traffic and parking.

3)TV 3 Medford - Medford Community Cablevision Inc.  Thirty Eight Thousand Dollars not accounted for (a betting man would say hundreds of thousands more than that, that was just what was listed in the weekly paper) and the AG's office can't comment because they told me "law enforcement" could be "impeded."  Sacco did NOTHING about the violent thugs at TV3 and now Sacco is doing nothing about the missing monies.

"I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime" Medford Police Chief Leo A. "Buddy" Sacco, Jr

4)The copper missing at Medford Housing authority.   I sent the police an e mail asking them if they got the receipt for the melted copper and I gave them the address of the place in Everett where, purportedly, it was melted.  It would be funny if it wasn't sick.   NO ANSWER!
"I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime" Medford Police Chief Leo A. "Buddy" Sacco, Jr
On December 3, 2015 I filed a public records request with Chief Sacco and School Superintendent Roy "Joe accuses me of hiding sexual predators at the high school" (true quote) Belson.   The public records request didn't get the answer that the public deserves.  Why is that?

Let's float a little theory about a different city in America: if a Police Chief and a School Superintendent and a Mayor who was Director of Personnel and a former Mayor all covered up a sex crime for election 2015, wouldn't YOU file "witness intimidation" charges on some homo investigating a story that could result in the indictment of two mayors, a police chief and a wealthy school superintendent?  These are allegations, not saying any of it is true, just looking to get some answers to some pretty damn important questions.  And this is just some city in America we won't name.

Why so silent on the teacher and the student, Buddy Sacco?  Why so silent?   We don't know!  We're not saying anything happened, we want to KNOW why a coach is no longer employed by the school system...with SO MANY SOURCES claiming, alleging, that something happened...that's all...  You're the police chief who made a statement to seniors that all is well in Medford, just parking and traffic...who cares if some court clerk is using obscenities in front of seniors at a campaign event...

Back to the Lebert/Coates incidentThe waterfall of information that followed mitigated the certain attacks on Mr. Coate's character.  As stated. those attacks had already started, and it was so typical of Sacco who, when a woman received eight stitches in the hospital after one of Sacco's officers ripped her lip wide open, was said to have had "issues" by Sacco.  A violent crime by one of Sacco's officers and Sacco states to the Boston Globe 

"This young lady has had a number of issues," Sacco said. "If Sergeant Lee struck her, it was wrong. But she has a history." October 18, 2010    Here's Sgt. Lee's handiwork, you be the judge
"I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime" is the outrageous statement that the chief of police said seven years after a police officer ripped open the lip of the woman (not his wife) he allegedly had a long-term affair with.

Alex Ruppenthal's amazing article on Lebert's sordid past put it out to the national press entire city of Medford is suspect.

Let those who have ears hear.

Joe Viglione  

TRAFFIC is more than a rock group

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