Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How Did Defendant George Scarpelli's Trial turn out? SCARE-PELLI for Mayor?? Put him in a dress and he's the heavy-set Muccini-Burke

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George Scarpelli running for Mayor of Medford? How did that trial turn out?
The lawsuit charges Curtatone, Pierantozzi and Scarpelli with conspiracy to violate federal and state civil rights, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It calls for more than $1 million in compensation as well as punitive damages to be determined at trial.


After city officials destroyed Galileo’s reputation, we were shunned and ostracized by members of the community who didn’t previously know Galileo or our family well,” they wrote.

who the fxxx does he think he is? The Rick Caraviello of Somerville?
The complaint alleges that Scarpelli and other officials met with soccer players before they met with police and afterwards, players who had previously said Mondol did not have any role in the assaults said that he had been involved. Mondol was not at those meetings but Donna Brewer, Mondol’s attorney, said that information came from other players on the team.

And once Mondol was charged, the complaint alleges that Curtatone and Pierantozzi described it as an isolated incident as opposed to one of many instances of hazing in order to downplay the city’s responsibility. The focus on Mondol, as the only named defendant, led to threats and fears of safety over the next two years, he said.