Thursday, May 18, 2017

Police MUST investigate Caravielllo After Spectacular Loss in Criminal Court

With Mayor Burke and McGlynn choosing Mrs Cugno as the "next man up" Caraviello is damaged goods

Caraviello lost in criminal court.  Caraviello's bogus stories had no traction

He is a big liar

Purportedly at Demet's on the morning of January 31 2017 Liar F Caraviello bragged loudly about his scheme to 'put a man away"an innocent man " for years'

With his spectacular loss residents note how much credibility this writer now has for winning, and how citizens have lost confidence in Caraviello

But what about Caraviello's abuse of police man hours?

Or a police detective paid to recall things who suddenly cannot do the job we pay him for when he is under oath!

The oh so certain defective detective can't recall with hand on the Holy Bible

How convenient!!!!!

What?  Chief Sacco, a varsity coach gotcha by Jack Dempsey's missing lav mic or something?