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Impeach Muccini-Burke, Knight, Caraviello, Dello Russo and Ed Finn

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Letter to the Mayor and the press

just sent this one out!!!!

Would love to see Muccini-Burke's "time card."    My sources tell me that she hardly shows up to work.

Stephanie Muccini-Burke has misled the citizens of Medford.   She has lied about the timing of the public access TV station (where the hell is it? She takes our money...,) is sneaky about the expensive city hall doors that - purportedly - they are trying to sell (whatever happened to the wooden seats in city hall?,) and has "events" where a handful of people show up, or less, with her "meet the mayor" scam so fraudulent as she has excuses as to why she won't meet with people she doesn't like...people who actually show up.   Her foul-mouthed husband, Assistant Clerk of Courts up at Middlesex Superior Court Brian S. Burke, needs his mouth washed out with soap, yet his daffy wife calls a victim of Mr. Burke's obscenity rant "vulgar."  Go figure.   Dozens of witnesses hearing a clerk of court at the Chevalier Theater verbally assaulting a videographer.  What a disgrace.   And then Mr. Burke goes and hangs out with "the butcher boy of Medford," a former city councilor with a dark past who works, of all places, in Sheriff Koutoujian's office AFTER Koutoujian promised he would get rid of Jimmy DiPaola's riff raff. You can't make this stuff up!   Thug like behavior from a Mayor's husband, a suspicious election where the popular candidate doesn't get elected even though he had many more people showing up at his events than Stephanie Muccini-Burke did, and now Mrs. Burke running around town for meet and greets where she's got an audience of people auditioning for a new filmed version of  The Invisible Man (or the Invisible Woman)  A handful of people show up at her events.  Heck, at least Chief Sacco drags about 1/7th of the police force to the senior center to "paper the room." ("Papering the room" is a term where free tickets are given away so that it looks like there's an audience!)  "Oh many of these men are off duty" Sacco paraphrased here, while a police car is running over at the housing authority, which means the officer was ON duty but wasting fuel to stand in attendance with the Chief of Police at the senior center.
"I know you're very disappointed, I'm not Barry Clemente."   Barry?  How about Gerry Clemente and the 25million Depositor's Trust stash.  "Barry's here in spirit" Sacco says. 

"You are able to sleep well because of what the officers do on the street" (unless they falsely accuse you of intimidating a "witness" who probably wasn't a witness, but what the hell, they make it up as they go along.)

If Jim Benoit is pinpointing where all the crimes are happening, he should look at 100 Main St. ...ooops!

And then Mrs. Burke goes to a for-profit business - La Cascia's Bakery - and has a big plate of pastry that no one is there to enjoy!  Go figure.

That's not a mayor, that's what WRKO's Kuhner Report called her at the very beginning of her term, a "charlatan."   The charlatan mayor, Muccini-Burke, is classless, clueless and out of her depth.  The election was a joke, in my opinion, as Burke's opponent had five times the people she had at campaign events.  It was clear that funny business went down and that the election, orchestrated by her predecessor, was not on the up and up, especially with City Clerk Ed Finn allegedly telling the person from the Republican State Committee that Bob Penta would lose the race and the Stephanie Muccini-Burke would win.  This in JUNE of 2015, 5 months before the election.  Either he's the reincarnation of psychic wizard Carnac the Magnificent, or Ed Finn was up to no good. The fact that he physically and verbally slugged a reporter and that the reporter - the victim - was dragged into criminal court on false charges, where the reporter beat the lying reprobate city council president, is all you need to know.     When law enforcement fails to investigate Rick Caraviello making false statements to the police (same with Ed Finn,) and when Caraviello loses in criminal court, do the math. These are brainless thugs abusing the system, taking your money, being underhanded, and embarrassing themselves in public.   No wonder Mrs. Burke wants a loyal lieutenant like Ann Marie Cugno to replace Caraviello. 

Big rumor of the day: George Scarpelli running for Mayor.  Hey, didn't Joe Curtatone of Somerville help to get a friend elected in Revere?  Curtatone could take over the world if he helps elect his friends in various cities and towns.   I say elect Scarpelli, we can save on electricity by bouncing city lights off of his bald head. Better than the McGlynn-in-Drag joke that we have now infecting and invading the corner office.
This city hall plays HARDBALL and they are NOT fair and NOT working for you.
The remedy of impeachment was designed to create a last-resort mechanism for preserving our constitutional system. It operates by removing executive-branch officials who have so abused power through what the framers called “high crimes and misdemeanors” that they cannot be trusted to continue in office.

It's time that we begin an investigation of Muccini-Burke, Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., Adam Knight,
Edward P. Finn and Richard F. Caraviello.  It's time to impeach the Mayor of Medford

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