Sunday, May 14, 2017

980,976@10:27 pm Ed FInn, dirty rat bxxtard who couldn't find the Comcast contract. Why does he have a job????

980,976 @ 10:27 pm
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The ONLY legitimate media in Medford

Lots of documents to post this week that we received from city hall.

Question: Why do your elected officials on the school committee and on the city council not file public records requests and fight for you citizens?

Answer: They are ALL afraid of their own shadow and fail to do the work necessary to keep a drunk-with-power mayor in line.

Why did THIS NEWS SITE have to find the Comcast contract that was hidden away from the residents of this city?

Ed Finn SLUGGED the reporter who found FINN lying about the dog eating his homework (the Comcast contract that Finn accidentally on purpose couldn't find.)

Finn should be FIRED for negligence or - if he knew where it was and lied - FIRED for cheating the public.

Ed Finn is a BASTARD.  Do not let that jerk touch your votes...

The 2015 election was stolen by these rats.

No one has the guts or integrity to tell you that.

These are not nice people. They are like their own mini-mob, mini-mafia and they are robbing you blind.

It's all about their taking your money.

Wake up, Medford

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