Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Joe Vig Pop Explosion - Wonder Woman - the Last Days of May ....May 31, 2017

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Pop Explosion The Last Days of May Show!
you can tune in

1)Fats Domino  When My Dreamboat Comes Home
from the album "They Call Me The Fatman"  

2)Peter Calo   Sail Away

3)Blue Oyster Cult  (Then Came) The Last Days of May

4)Suzanne Vega   Carmel from Nine Objects of Desire

5)Dr. John   Eleggua from Locked Down

6)Wonder Woman  (Trailer)

7)Joe V reviews Wonder Woman

8)Frank Dello Stritto reviews Alien Covenant

9)Madonna   Borderline (Instrumental)

5)Steve Dennis   Middle Man (Jack Johnson cover)

6)PSA Peggy Lee, Nancy Wilson, Nat King Cole, Chipmunks

7)Janis Joplin    One Good Man

8)The Rolling Stones   Casino Boogie

9)The Beatles NEW Sgt. Pepper Take 9 Outtake

9)Lou Reed   Dirty Boulevard

10)Metal Pistol   Toxic Sin

11)Electric Prunes   I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Steve Stanley from METAL PISTOL  2 pm today - 2:28

12)Blues Magoos We Ain't Got Nothing Yet 

13)Mamas and the Papas  Somebody Groovy

14)Hummingbird Syndicate  Waterfall Away

15)Positive Negative Man   Newport Beach

16)Facctones / Zack Facc    Johnny's Back  instrumental

17)John E Funk and the Skunks    Debbie  

18)Non Zero Chance  Renegade

19)Peter Noone    Oh You Pretty Things

20)Beach Boys  I Can Hear Music

21)Peak Fifteen Track 1

22)The Natural Disasters   Ripper

23)Ronnie Spector  "Don't Worry Baby"

1:09 pm May 31, 2017

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