Tuesday, May 16, 2017

87 views of Adam Knight Misconduct 10:03 pm

982,907 @ 10:03 all-time page views
110 in 123 minutes 
17,093 to one million page views

TinyURL Adam Knight  87 views at 10:03 pm
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Letter to Marks

Michael Marks
Room 207
85 Geo. P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155

To the Council Vice President,

Enclosed is evidence of misconduct by Councilor Adam Knight

The Facebook Live has 81 views as of 9:49 pm up from 55 views at 8:59 pm, 50 minutes earlier.
@ 5:43 minutes into the video you can see Knight reclining like he's at home watching his favorite episode of Stuart Little (the animated series.)   This is a disgrace.  Ed Finn looks like he's half asleep, Dello Russo, when he shows up, could give a damn about the public and reclines like he's in Vegas, poolside, not paying attention.

THEN - annoyingly - Knight starts reading, playing with his pen, clicking it non-stop while a member of the audience is speaking.  Like some kind of sick joke, Councilor Caraviello yells at the speakers who were abused by Knight after they went back to their seats.

The City Council needs to hold a "No Confidence" vote on the disrespectful "elected" official
based on his boorish behavior on this video as well as Knight's misconduct at other council meetings.

Taking a page out of the absent Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr's playbook, you can see Knight lounging around, ho hum, and then asking for the topic to be re-read - duh - he just was not paying attention, and could care less for the 30k or so he takes from Medford residents, while he spits in their faces.

It's disgusting.

Medford City Council May 16, 2017

Councilor Knight asks for resolution to be re-read as he wasn't paying attention

Adam Knight lazy. Slouching. Disrespectful

8:22 pm Adam Knight making noises while second citizen speaks
8:35  Knight mumbling incoherent

8:36  Medford City Council. May 16 2017

Mrs. Burke speaks of vulgarity?  After she looks in the mirror she should look at her lieutenants on the Medford City Council!

They follow their leader, don't they?


Joe Viglione