Sunday, May 14, 2017

Stephanie Burke, Public Records Requests and Donald Trump

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I'm busy busy busy reviewing new DVDs from The Who and the Rolling Stones.  Prolific, aren't they?  

Great stuff, actually. 

I thought the Who all done, but this 2004 concert ISLE OF WIGHT is stunning in its magnificence.  And the Stones Ole Ole Ole is even better!  Remarkable.

Sympathy for the Devil, didn't realize Mick wrote a song for Michael J. McGlynn...

Still waiting for my birthday present from you readers

I thought the post office guy was delivering that yesterday, but it was public records requests

File under: breakfast with Julian 
after viewing THAT you'll say Ole Ole Ole as well!
an exclamation of approval or encouragement customary at bullfights, flamenco dancing, and other Spanish or Latin American events. noun. 2. a cry of olé Spanish

Public Records Requests - after the mailman delivered the 100 pages of my request on "the doors to city hall," a USPS truck arrived and dropped about 300 additional pages regarding the Public Access station, lots of documents on my front porch. Yesterday was extremely busy with a couple of concerts so I didn't have time to read any of it, the materials are here to be viewed and - most likely - discussed at the city council. I'll post pertinent documents here soon.

I was right about Stephanie, I'm right about Trump, it is time for we citizens to be rational and stand up to protect our city from the lunacy going on in the corner office. Or else we could be subjected to nonsense like this for our hard-earned cash:

it is clear Mr Trump’s presidency is being consumed by the drama surrounding his impetuous actions.
“He ­demands loyalty but trusts no one. He decries ‘fake news’ but shows such a casual disregard for the truth that no one can believe anything that the White House says any more,’’ a ­Capitol Hill ­Republican said. “I never thought I’d ever say this, because I’ve spent much of my life opposing the Clintons, but I’m beginning to wonder whether it might have been better for all of us if Hillary had won.”

The Sunday Times - You have to go to Australia to get the real news on our country without a "president" interfering in the news gathering process, much like Muccini-Burke

1:11 pm Sunday May 14, 2017

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