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Chief Sacco - Stephanie Burke - republished article, better fonts and such!

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Removing Stephanie Muccini-Burke and her unethical "Police Chief" from office.

An Editorial by Joe Viglione

Removing Stephanie Muccini-Burke from office.

If his surrogate, Stephanie Muccini-Burke, is a headache for puppet master Michael J. McGlynn, the alternative, Robert M. Penta investigating - auditing - City Hall and the school system - is a nightmare of proportions so great that McGlynn can't even consider it.

My question is why 60,000 or so people are so blind to the wool that has been pulled over their eyes? The Top Law Enforcement In Medford is the problem - the police chief making excuses for violent Stephen Lebert, violent officer Jimmy Lee, violent Shawn Hughes, the alleged lying of officer Miguel Lopez, the alleged lying of Rick Caraviello. In this day and age of citizens being harmed by police officers for no reason,

you've got Sacco stating, on my camera on May 3: ""I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime"


WHAT ARE WE CITIZENS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? This candidate for Mayor offers you a solution.
The phrase, “The fish rots from the head,” is sometimes used to express the idea that all problems in a company or country can be traced back to its leadership.Oct 30, 2008
“The fish rots from the head” | Brainstorm

Here's one example: customers of the Nappi Italian restaurant on Salem Street park in the crosswalk, park in the bus stop, and damn close to the fire hydrant. Chief Sacco AND Republic Parking could have a field day generating revenue from true offenders rather than harassing seniors who need five minutes to pick up supplies in Haines Square of Medford Square.

Citizens are disgusted with the chief who feigns affability is not as benign as he passes himself off to be.

Chief Sacco aiding and abetting Republic Parking is the sickest joke in Medford - sicker than the old TV3 because Sacco is under oath not to enable a company out of Chatanooga TN, but to uphold the law.

Police Chief Sacco states in the May 3, 2017 video "I'm very lucky to be the chief in a city where the biggest issue appears to be traffic and parking, it's not fear of violent crime"

Tell that to the Malden resident violently attacked by ex- Medford cop Stephen Lebert who threatened to take the man's life. Tell that to the woman whose lip was ripped open by officer Jimmy Lee, tell that to the alleged victims of Shawn Hughes - read the comment on Topix Medford:

"This COP, Shawn Hughes, beat his wife, beat his business partner with a weapon, and still is allowed to carry a gun ?

Federal law prohibits anyone with a restraining order against them form possessing a weapon, yet COPS are still allowed ?"

This from a town (Medford, MA) that doesn't allow the CITIZENS to possess weapons outside their home unless they are "Elite"

Massa(c)husetts, home of corrupted politician and police.
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Then read the Fox25 News article referenced! You can't, most of that important article is off of the web

FOX Undercover: Armed and Dangerous?

In 2007, a Medford police officer was charged with assault and battery after a fight with his wife. The case went to court and Officer Shawn Hughes admitted to sufficient facts. He’s on probation now, after the judge ordered all weapons removed from his home. But Shawn Hughes is still an active duty police officer, and still carries a gun. FOX25's Mike Beaudet reports.
Back to Chief Sacco on my video:

"...We had 132 officers; right now we have 104 officers...We're trying to prevent crime from happening" 6:45 in he says "We have more job assignments for uniform patrol officers on the street than we have officers to put in those assignments. So it's a struggle every day to field officers." If that is true, and there were ten or more officers at the May 3 event, that means about 1/10th or 1/12th or possibly more of the entire police force was at a police meeting at the senior center? The police did not get a word in edgewise, it was the Leo A. Sacco Jr. Variety Show, and though the police said (paraphrasing him) that the men showed up (I didn't see any women officers) mostly on their own time, why was there a cop car running over at the Medford Housing Authority? Why waste fuel and man-hours to "paper" the room for the Chief's speech? The answer is: because he didn't want four people showing up as they did for Stephanie Burke at city hall! It's called "papering the room" to make it look like an audience exists. That alone is good reason for the chief of police to resign.

Public Service
That means "serving the public interest," not the interests of Muccini-Burke and her foul-mouthed, ultra-vulgar husband

An editorial in the Guardian Sunday 21 May 2017 11.55 EDT is quite telling. Notice the similarities between Muccini-Burke and Trump:

If there’s anything consistent about the Trump White House so far, it’s that people get appointed to positions for which they are totally unsuited. More than that: they’re frequently the worst possible candidates for the role. That starts with the president himself, of course – less presidential than your average radio phone-in ranter. It was evident in the appointment of Michael Flynn, a man allegedly in hock to the Russian state, as national security adviser; of multiple Goldman Sachs alumni to oversee financial regulation; and of Jeff Sessions, who regards the film Reefer Madness as accurate social commentary, as the top law-enforcement official in the land.

169 days to election day,%20November%207,%202017&p0=43&ud=1&year=2017&month=11&day=7&hour=8&min=0&sec=0&fromtheme=generic

Puppet photo; Camuso and Caraviello littering on public property, Stephanie can't spell "campaign" - her Freudian slip of "campain" says it all. She is! A pain that must be lifted from the residents of this city.

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