Monday, May 22, 2017

City Of Medford, a Now You See It, Now You Don't Stephanie Burke Production

Expect more of this sleight of hand McGlynn nonsense from his puppet, Stephanie RUDE-chinni Burke

Your only qualification to be on the committee - Do NOT rock the boat.

The less you know about public access in Michael J. Muccini-Burke's eyes?


Community Access TV Committee

The Community Access TV Committee will develop the guiding principles for the future of community access television in the City of Medford.
The Committee seeks to develop a plan for vibrant community access television in Medford that includes educational and community programming, locally produced content, broadcasts of public meetings and events, increased learning opportunities for students interested in media production, community classes, and enhanced online video capacity.
The Committee held two public meetings in February. The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 21, 7:00pm, Medford High School Library.
Current Activities
The Committee is preparing its report for the Mayor.
Visits have been made to stations in Everett, Reading, and Woburn. Reports will be forthcoming.
Committee Members
Father “Chip” Hines, Chair
Pastor, St. Joseph’s Church
Co-host of “Spotlight,” a movie review show on Catholic TV
Frederick Laskey
MWRA Executive Director
Former co-host of Medford show about energy issues
Allison Goldsberry
Medford Public Schools/City of Medford Webmaster
High school web design teacher and education station coordinator
Comments and Ideas
Please fill out this online form if you would like to leave a suggestion or comment.