Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hey Stephanie? Have you seen the Globe today?

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Spotlight follow-up: Former top lawmaker often helped his business, family
The calls kept coming, one after another. It was state Representative Garrett Bradley on the line, wanting to get a message to the governor, pushing a plan to have the state bail out some financially struggling county governments.
But Bradley left out one key fact in his calls to then-governor Deval Patrick: Bradley’s law firm represented the retirement systems in Plymouth, Norfolk, and Bristol counties, and stood to make millions of dollars in legal fees from lawsuits filed on their behalf. If the counties disappeared, so would the county treasurers, jeopardizing Bradley’s legal work.
Bradley’s keen interest in the successful county bailout, described to the Globe by a key Patrick aide who talked on the condition of anonymity, is part of a pattern in his 16-year legislative career of taking actions in his official capacity that advanced his business interests, state records and interviews with other officials show.

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