Friday, May 19, 2017

New Sacco / Caraviello Videotape to Air

984,295 @ 12:34 pm
984,286 @ 12:13 pm 5/19/17
15.714 to one million

Due to Copyright Issues and some TV show airing in the background, I have the Caraviello/Sacco commentary in "private" but do not worry, those bad boys aren't getting off the hook that easy!

A new, more pristine audio and on-the-point video to air soon on the Medford Reprobates series.

Maybe some video of Madame and Ferdy in a vicious gay bar, where the not-so-nice closeted types give us in the  RG* community a bad name!

We knew who the  Laurel and Hardy in drag guys were in that room, Ferdy and Madame had the fake moustache routine (or RudeTine) going for them...chased all the nice, good-looking men out of the room

If you can't find the notorious gay bar (as opposed to the nice gay place) find the VQ's (Vicious queens) on Tuesday nights at Alden Chambers...when they show up. Tinkerbell Finn in his tutu drinking with Bishop Chip Tutu.

Enough to make you go straight...and long for your late girlfriend...


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