Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Boston Globe Skewers George Scarpelli in Hazing incident

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The conclusion this editor draws from the Globe article is that Scarepelli was negligent and irresponsible...and that is an allegation.

But the adults who were considered responsible for supervising the student-athletes, including Somerville mayor Joseph Curtatone, a camp organizer and chaperone, and George Scarpelli, the soccer coach, faced no disciplinary action. Both denied any wrongdoing, characterizing the assaults not as hazing but as “violent criminal acts’’ they could not have anticipated or prevented.

what was Scarepelli doing when the rape happened? That's what Medford residents want to know.

The Somerville saga is not uncommon, as numerous high school coaches in Massachusetts over the last 15 years have emerged from hazing attacks all but unscathed. While children have suffered life-altering sexual assaults in rituals perversely associated with team-building and their teammates have been tainted as criminal offenders, the adults purportedly responsible for them often have carried on with impunity, to the dismay of the victims and anti-hazing advocates.

Read the attorneys’ point-counterpoint in Somerville hazing case
Here are the full comments and point-counterpoint from lawyers on both sides.

“The adults in charge — the coaches and other school officials — need to be held responsible for the safety of their student-athletes at all times,’’ said Elliot Hopkins, director of sports, sanctioning, and student services for the National Federation of High Schools. “If not them, then who?’’