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The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity Employer* PUBLIC ACCESS TV --- *if you are married to Muccini-Burke's campaign manager

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"The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/504 Employer*

 *if you are married to Muccini-Burke's campaign manager


Mark E. Rumley
Kim Scanlon
Medford City Hall
85 George P. Hassett Drive
Medford MA 02155

re: Job Application: Access TV is all about sunlight

Dear Solicitor Rumley and Attorney Scanlon:

I have seen the job posting of May 11, 2017 regarding the station manager position. 

I intend to apply for the job.

Here are 7 points I would like to make:









"The City of Medford is an Equal
Opportunity/Affirmative Action/504 Employer

Many residents feel that Medford city officials offer "Donald Trump lip service"  and would rather give excuses and questionable reasons rather than adhere to the law.   

A few examples:

---as you know, I prevailed over the City Council President, Rick Caraviello,  in a court of law on January 31, 2017.  

The malicious prosecution filed by Caraviello, the Medford Police Department and the office of District Attorney Marian Ryan had no basis in fact and, I believe, allegedly was designed - in part - to keep me off of the public access station.   

Winning that case foiled the plans of city hall, didn't it?  The case showed clear bias; the victory proved Medford city officials lied.

Access TV can be part of stopping that kind of anti-social behavior by a government under Plan A sadly lacking in discipline, honesty and public service.

---that I was the sole person to respond to the previous mayor - responding to the RFP regarding operating the television station, and due to my many public records requests regarding access television, I submit that the city of Medford's claim of being an Equal Opportunity Employer is questionable and is a highly suspicious claim.

Medford needs to reward the most qualified person who is also the one person who has kept the Access TV issue alive.

Mr. Rumley must remember that he determined that this resident worked tirelessly to benefit the community (paraphrasing the sentiment stated in the solicitor's office.)

Joe Viglione as Executive Director will work for the community, will be an example of what a true public servant can be.  

Joe Viglione will facilitate programming - the mission that has never been fulfilled or realized in Medford.

And by Medford doing the RIGHT thing, and not hiring someone as political payback, the community will have a chance to flourish at our Medford Media Center.

And the Mass Commission of Discrimination and the EEOC can look forward to not having to be part of the discussion.   

Here are just some of my qualifications:

---career in access, spanning 38 years back to 1979, my recent award for Music Show of the Year 2017 at Somerville Media Center (Mayor Joseph Curtatone won an award on the same evening of January 19, 2017 - 14 days before I prevailed in a court of law over the city council president,) my Facebook LIVE Medford event tapings - the only real access TV in Medford currently, give great weight to the argument that this applicant, Joseph Viglione, has the experience, the passion, the know-how and the vision.

As I have filed two complaints with the Medford Police Department on Paul A. Camuso, husband of the woman accepting resumes - Jeanine Femina Camuso - and Ms. Camuso's own unprovoked attack on my person on a Facebook page operated by a twice-arrested former board member of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. (she enabled the attacks when she complimented the attackers with a malicious "How nice" or something similar to that) makes it clear that her husband Paul's decade or so vendetta against this applicant would inhibit my ability to have honest consideration under Ms. Femino-Camuso given my superb resume.

---meeting Alfred Hitchcock in the 1970s; interviewing directors Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Contact, Flight,) Jodie Foster (the Beaver,) Director Michael Moore, etc. etc.

---having successfully filmed a lengthy documentary on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane (released worldwide on Music Video Distributors)including negotiating the contracts between artist and distributor, overseeing the production, personally filming and leading the group of filmmakers, overseeing the audio and the liner notes and packaging.

---having hosted access TV spanning those 38 years since 1979

---having introduced people to access television IN MEDFORD at the old TV3 on Canal Street that resulted in having those individuals joining the access tv stations in their city or town.  

At least three individuals were appointed or elected to their respective boards for the 501c3's operating those stations.  Two of the individuals becoming presidents of the non-profits, all starting with their appearance on Joe Viglione's Visual Radio at 40 Canal Street Medford.  This applicant was their initial step into the world of access TV.

That is the OUTREACH that the previous 501c3 failed to address, failed to deliver, as demanded by the Agreement with city hall.
The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity Employer*  

Jeanine Femino-Camuso must recuse herself from accepting ANY resumes due to the serious conflict of interest:

a)her unprovoked attack on this applicant on a Facebook page years ago

b)her husband's malicious, and allegedly criminal  past activities (see police reports,)  aimed at denying this applicant's free speech rights at the city council and in room 207; this is the clear evidence that Joe Viglione deserves the equal opportunity that our laws provide for.

This is a demand that Medford City Hall finally allow for equal opportunity.   Equal Opportunity and Public Service are the two themes of this lengthy essay.

Mr. Camuso voted against a video directed and taped by Joe Viglione on Republic Parking and Mayor McGlynn, a video taped in September of 2014.   Mr. Camuso, an individual who didn't fully comprehend the Open Meeting Law according to my experience with him, even though he took the pay as council president, decided the public didn't need to see a man's hard work and honest volunteer effort regarding the ten year contract rammed through against the wishes of the majority of Medford citizens.  

This action by Mr. Camuso did not HELP the city of Medford, that bullying through a ten year deal  HURT the city of Medford.   So how can The City of Medford BE an Equal Opportunity Employer given this censorship information?

I was censored by Camuso, Fred Dello Russo and Adam Knight - and Rick Caraviello when he told me he had to moonlight for his company RC Limos, running out on the residents and that critical vote.  (Under oath on 1/31/17 Mr. Caraviello said in a court of law "No" when asked if he ever moonlighted on the city council.)

But this applicant was not the only one censored. The entire city was and is slapped in the face when underhanded Medford Media Blackout moments happen as frequently as they do.  

Mr. Rumley's great speech to Judge Jackson-Thompson in November of 2008, seven years ago, rings hollow when Mr. Rumley will threaten to sue if he - allegedly - is caught moonlighting or hears a parody that offends him, despite the fact that he is a public figure who has made MANY promises that he has not made good on.

Which, perhaps, is why the claim The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity Employer is as much malarkey as a mayor's actions resulting in a WRKO host calling Ms. Muccini-Burke a "charlatan."

That changes now.  

c)Mr. Camuso also defended - and clearly pulled strings for (see his votes at the city council) the embattled Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. which liberally promoted Mr. Camuso's run for city council while bashing other council candidates.

Given these reasons, I am VERY uncomfortable with Jeanine Femino-Camuso's name on an application request posting under the statement "The City of Medford is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer." 

The Camuso Family and TV3 Medford 

In light of Ms. Femino-Camuso's involvement with the twice-arrested former board member of MCC TV3, her enabling boorish conduct aimed at smearing this applicant, and the many antagonistic and scary episodes of her husband harassing this applicant AND OTHERS during or after city council meetings, it would be ludicrous to have to suffer the slings and arrows previously suffered at the hands of the Camuso family when looking for employment.

Equal Employment Opportunity?  What odds would Vegas give the Camuso family being honest about employing qualified individuals, or a mayor whose husband hurled an expletive - unprovoked - at a videographer with permission to tape at the Chevalier Theater.

Mayor Burke's husband, Assistant Court Clerk Brian S. Burke, as vulgar a man as you could ever encounter, would absolutely stand in the way of my employment, despite the fact that my qualifications are light years ahead of some of the political payback Mrs. Burke has installed in the corner office.

This letter is just a mirror showing the details of how Medford City Hall does not comply with the EEOC.  It has to be put out in the open so that this important free speech component will not be abused the way the city of Medford has abused it since its inception.

That the City of Medford is the laughingstock of the access television world is more evidence that no one currently working in the city of Medford - most notably the soon-to-be-exiled "Dr" Heidi Riccio - is qualified to hire the right person for the job.

Dr. Riccio, who was not honest about the true date of the opening of the station - is why an honest 501c3 rather than city hall in control, an honest 501c3  must be built to stop city hall from abusing the access funds.  

This world, the public access world, is where I am a multiple award winner and currently have two "music director" titles at two stations - Malden and Somerville   (Music Director of Live on Tape, Malden Access TV - as well as contributing to other musical events at the station, like last week's MATV marathon May 13; Somerville Media Center's "Boston Free Radio Digital Archive Music Director".)  It is in this world that Medford needs an ambassador, especially given three decades of funny business which this journalist / producer has experienced first hand:

My contacts with access stations across Massachusetts are invaluable to build our new TV station. There is no "rebuilding" because the community feels that Medford never HAD an access TV station of any value.   The ACM awards - which require money along with the application - were paid for - in part - by monies from cable subscribers illegally banned from the station.  That cannot happen in the future, and the perpetrators of that stunt need to be required to give ALL financial details of the previous station before they will be allowed to enjoy the free speech that they denied others.

Each member of the staff and the board of directors of MCC is going to have to make a public apology and show us the financial records, on camera, or be denied access TV.  That is to protect the station from the infection that stifled free speech.

Each person who denied access TV by a vote or by an assault will have to publicly apologize, and the financial records will have to be turned over to an objective third party, not Mr. Rumley who sat on their board of directors and who has an obvious conflict.

Mr. Rumley will also have to recuse himself from this job application because of that stated conflict of interest: he was on the board of directors of MCC and should not be allowed on the access station until the time that he hands over the financial records from the board he was a part of, and issues an apology to the public for dragging his feet and issuing double-talk and deceptions that pushed the goal posts back, but never delivered the access TV that Rumley's work for access implied that he would deliver.

It was Rumley's solemn duty. He was derelict in that obligation to our community.

a)Medford has given evidence over the past three decades that it does not know a thing about the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution or access television

b)Medford - with evidence that the previous 501c3 was purportedly - allegedly - out of compliance with phony board members (see Mark Rumley's Report, after this writer, Joe Viglione, tipped Mr. Rumley off when ex-board member Brian Mahoney reported to me that he hadn't been on the board of MCC for years.  I handed the document to Mahoney when he was a Federal employee of the United States Post Office. Mr. Rumley investigated and found at least three more names listed as board members that were most likely no longer on the MCC board, including the son of the alleged "president' ((living in Los Angeles purportedly,)) a former v.p. of the station and possibly more.)

c)The former TV3 president allegedly built the station on the fruit of that poisonous tree.   

He's the former president of TV3, yet still president of the corporate entity, MCC, Inc. as the AG's office refuses to allow the entity to dissolve citing that "law enforcement" could be impeded

The TV3 president and his accomplices used access television monies to retaliate, admitting under oath that MCC monies were used when he appeared on the witness stand in Cambridge District Court, with Judge Timothy Gailey noting that the assertion of perjury against the TV3 President was not proved to be false ((regarding the false names of board members filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth)) 

The former 501c3 built the station - allegedly - on the fruit of the poisonous tree.   Ex board members pawned off as current board members, yet Mayor McGlynn failed to call them out on it, despite being well aware of the deceptions.

City Hall stood by instead of implementing measures to strip the failed access station of the license to operate on the cable space, as it eventually did only when this resident and a city councilor kept the pressure on city hall.  Whatever happened to the charges of racism against the station?   

Even when a city councilor abandoned the project - only to come back after several victories that this writer had over the station and city hall, Joe Viglione kept the pressure on the suspicious 501c3 and the Mayor, Michael J. McGlynn, who seemed more afraid of certain individuals at MCC TV3 than he did the public footing the bill and being cheated out of access TV.  

With public records requests and a camera, Joe Viglione kept documenting, kept exercising his First Amendment rights, against all obstacles, attacks, and smears perpetrated by the non-profit and certain individuals at city hall.

For that persistence and honest effort alone, Joe Viglione has EARNED the right to help this city and its residents; the right to operate the station to help this city.  He just isn't married to the campaign manager of Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke or a deceptive employee of the sheriff's department, so real qualifications do not matter under this mayor.  The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity Employer*    

*If you are married to Burke's campaign manager, allegedly dating her son, married to an employee of the sheriff's office, or allegedly sleeping it off in a new room at the DPW....but I digress...  though it is something that could raise eyebrows at the MCAD and the EEOC if practices like that are found to be real and qualified people are denied employment.

That the city of Medford failed to fully investigate and remove that MCC entity for the plethora of complaints issued on them, and the out-of-compliance activity noted above (there are probably - allegedly - many many more instances of that) and that the Mayor, Stephanie Muccini-Burke, Heidi Riccio, Roy Belson at the high school and others misled cable TV subscribers both at the school committee (March, 2016) or at the high school (Nov. 2016) makes us question the proclamation that: The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity Employer* 

What?  You didn't see the asterisk?  I've sure felt it, Chief Sacco.

noun: asterisk; plural noun: asterisks
  1. 1.
    a symbol (*) used to mark printed or written text, typically as a reference to an annotation or to stand for omitted matter.

Exhibit A: Lisa Evangelista's blog  Note the date  2016!

July 14, 2016 Lisa Evangelista posts
Community Outreach, Medford High School, Medford Vocational Technical High School

Exhibit A content:
Our hope is that the Department of Education will be able to process approval by early October”, said Dr. Heidi Riccio, Principal/Director of the Medford Vocational Technical High School.

According to Mayor Stephanie M. Burke; “One of the goals of my administration has been to get the Community Access Channel up and running. Over the course of the summer, a consultant will work with Ms. Fraser


On or about March 26, 2016 at a meeting of the school committee:

a)Dr. Riccio said Access would be open on September of 2016

b)Stephanie Muccini-Burke followed up with "October" of 2016

c)When I met with Roy E. Belson at the high school in November of 2016, Mr. Belson said it would be January of 2017.  I believe he told me a new 501c3 would be operating it.  If so, why is city hall looking to hire a station manager?

It is now May 2017, 14 long months later.  

If City Hall happened to be a for-profit company MGL93a would have something to say about the deceptions and foot-dragging over First Amendment issues and cable tv subscriber monies.

On March 28, 2017 - almost two months to the day that I vanquished Richard F. Caraviello in a court of law (1/31/17) - Caraviello stomped on First Amendment rights by phoning the police to WRONGFULLY DENY Facebook Live at the City Council of Medford;  censorship when this applicant for the job was IN COMPLIANCE WITH CARAVIELLO'S WISHES at the council regarding where to tape Facebook Live.  

Caraviello did this just to be a bully again, just to retaliate, denying those without cable TV the opportunity to see the council meeting.

Is he hiding something?   

And, if so, all the more reason to hire Joe Viglione to operate the access TV station for the full "transparency" Mrs. Burke declares, transparency that I and others have failed to see her materialize via her Administration.   

That transparency will materialize with my honest efforts and hard work.  And all this information will be filed with the EEOC and the MCAD if the city continues down its dark path of the "Medford Media Blackout."

This producer wants to HELP his city. The city officials need to see that they are OBLIGATED to hire this visionary who has fought so hard, so honorably, and who has prevailed.


The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/504 Employer

So how does the city of Medford operate access  TV when 
Caraviello's gavel slams on a former city councilor and others, when Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo Jr. gleefully engage in abusing the "point of information" interruption to censor people, when Muccini Burke, disgraced Heidi Riccio and arrogant Roy E. Belson sneer at cable TV subscribers pretty much hijacking the monies for the vocational technical school, which is NOT what they are attached to cable bills to do.  Which is NOT what they are there for.

Ms. Riccio should be removed from the process. She will not be here, she doesn't have the qualifications, and for her being a phony she was removed from the Lawrence school system on this senior applicant's birthday.  

Thank God. 

So, why is a phony who is leaving the city touching our precious access TV?   It is illogical.  It is not right.  It is sabotage.  It will be addressed in another forum if City Hall continues feigning an access TV station yet having a soon-to-be ex-employee putting her phony fingers over something that this applicant has worked so hard for; utilizing monies that only exist because of this applicant forcing the mayor (then McGlynn) to terminate the agreement with the 501c3 now under investigation by the office of the Attorney General.

Jack Dempsey, Allison Goldsberry and Lisa Dunphy might be nice people, but why are their salaries being taken from access funds when Dempsey's production of the police chief and fire chief makes those two gentlemen look like they are starring in Charlie Chaplin's 1928 silent film "The Circus."  

It's not a joke.

It's disgusting that Mr. Dempsey gets paid so handsomely with our monies and cannot put a lav microphone on the chief of police, and another one for the fire chief.  No information is imparted when Chief Gilberti and Chief Sacco are speaking and there is no audio; they are in a silent Charlie Chaplin movie and the laughing Charlie Chaplin is behind the camera.

Now, listen to Chief Sacco on my iPhone, 

Chief Sacco on my camera.  Hire me, Chief!!!

Compare the clarity of the video and the clarity of the audio to a Jack Dempsey Special, and see who deserves to be facilitating the access TV to our citizens.  Also watch Rick Caraviello playing with his phone instead of paying attention on this tape. Disgraceful.
32K a year? 

4 minutes in: 
"You can run it all day long"
Chief Sacco giving permission on my camera.  

You really mean it, Chief?  Run it all day long!

Then hire me, Chief!!!  I'll make you look and sound great!

How disrespectful (of Dempsey, as well as Caraviello!) 

Dempsey taking our money, not at school when he's supposed to be teaching but at a Mayor McGlynn speech at City Hall on SCHOOLTIME (I was there.) 

Gee - wonder if Mayor McGlynn hauled other teachers out to do more Cecil B. Demille close shots  without the public being aware of it???

Just plain WRONG!

And then there's the allegations regarding the JD Sports Video situation with fees for highlight reels and a community wondering if we haven't already paid for the highlight reels and are allegedly being charged again.    ?????

Since we don't know too much about that practice via his video company the word "allegedly" is key here. However since Mr. Dempsey is paid with public access monies, I think we have a right to know.

Just as we have an absolute right to know about the MCC TV3 financial records that Mark Rumley promised us a couple of years ago but has excuses and poor reasoning for his failure to deliver.

Equal Opportunity Employer?   I've yet to see it in a city of Medford where some reprobate's wife gets to see who wants a job.

Free speech.  It does not exist in Medford's Media Blackout, an intentional media blackout, and this TV veteran - who taped for VH-1, was paid to be recorded (on audio) for the BBC -  British Broadcasting Company, finds himself published in many books, thousands of articles paid for and published over the past 40 years in magazines like Radioworld, Goldmine, Discoveries, Allmusic/ROVI, Medialine, Preview, The Medford Transcript, North Shore Sunday, The Malden Observer, the Stoneham Sun, the Winchester Gatehouse publication,  an OpEd in Billboard magazine (the only print article not paid for as the others were; it was an OpEd), etc. etc. etc., these qualifications are not what a city hall is looking for when it comes to access tv.  City Hall Medford is looking for obedient individuals who do what they are ordered to do, those - preferably - who supported Muccini-Burke:

"The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/504 Employer*

Exhibit B  Burke Campaign Manager's wife hired at City Hall

Anne Irwin, wife of Atty Brian Callahan

By Alex Ruppenthal

Posted May. 7, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Burke said attorney Brian Callahan will serve as her campaign chairman, while the oldest of her three children, Ryan, 26*, will be her treasurer.

"The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/504 Employer

Exhibit C  Mark Rumley's response to a public records request of 5/12/16 regarding Anne Irwin, wife of Muccini-Burke's campaign manager Atty Brian Callahan (received May 27, 2016):

(See attached)  The question is, Did Anne Irwin, Mrs. Brian Callahan, take classes on the job and, if so, were there any other more qualified candidates who didn't happen to be married to Mayor Burke's campaign manager.

Exhibit D

Dear Solicitor Rumley:

I am appealing the response of May 27, 2016 @ 11:13 am (Exhibit A) to my request of May 12.

1)You and city hall were, once again, tardy in making the response

2)there are never any documents from this City of Medford. Why is that? Today I have heard an allegation that Ann Marie Irwin, wife of the Muccini-Burke campaign manager, is still attending classes to learn the job that she obtained at city hall. Allegations are that she is using sick time and vacation time to go and learn how to do the job that she obtained - ostensibly over other more qualified candidates.


If a qualified candidate needs additional "CITY ORDCERED qualifications"  for this Muccini-Burke Administration, will they be afforded the same opportunity allegedly offered the wife of the Muccini-Burke campaign manager?  

Will people get to "learn on the job" if the city asks for qualifications that aren't needed for access TV - access TV that the city has refused to provide, despite my offers to run a van and a TV camera over the past couple of years.  Ideas, valid ideas, that the mayor personally heard, and personally snubbed?

Paul Camuso said at the council, I believe, that the city couldn't have access without a 501c3. Now, it seems, the city is doing exactly what Mr. Camuso said it couldn't do.  

Why is a 501c3 not looking to conduct the interviews? 

What would the founding father's say?

...abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

Exhibit E - one of MANY examples:
On Tuesday evening, May 10, 2016, Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo Jr. violated the rights of three citizens right in a row while discussing such a subversive talk as parking on the sidewalk in South Medford.

No other Medford resident has this detailed knowledge of Medford's failure to deliver real access TV, and it is arguable no other resident goes as far back as 1979 (my first radio show dating back to 1978) to have an understanding of the genesis of this free speech component.  

What other Medford resident has existed in the world of access TV for the length of time that Joe Viglione has - and what resident has the experience and media to back up a claim that they are more experienced than this award-winning, persistent, hard-working access TV producer/host?

Medford has not been served by a city hall that enjoys (in my professional opinion - abuses) the franchise fee with impunity and has denied access television, has scared people away from access television, and has dragged its feet on delivering access television over the past three decades, most notably, the past four years when city hall has been in full control and done nothing to serve the cable subscribers paying for this service.

You can't blame TV3 or its president for anything but starting the media blackout, not continuing it  This censorship of Election 2015 and the failure to have access up and running in a timely manner is all on McGlynn, Burke, Rumley, Belson and their subordinates in 2017.

The "movie making" at TV3 in the past decade was to serve an out-of-state woman and her multitude of for-profit businesses.   

Why didn't the city step in and stop it in its tracks?  

The city stood by while that woman from another state sued this producer rather than facilitate his programming (she was jealous; plain and simple. This applicant is a successful film producer, the woman who lost in court is a novice, but her job wasn't to be jealous or to be a director, it was to help the Medford community as this applicant has helped - and continues to help - our community.)  

Public access monies were used to sue an access producer, and the TV station, with all that money, with all that baggage, lost the case.
How did this improve Medford?

This is how Medford City Hall utilizes - and allowed a failed  non-profit to utilize - the access funds. 

To censor residents as clearly as City Hall uses the government channel to censor dozens of residents - and frighten off everyone else with Rick Caraviello, Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo indulging in the same pattern of speech interference as Jeanine Femino-Camuso's husband Paul and her Uncle Bob did, is a violation of the First Amendment.   

So the woman whose uncle and husband censored the residents of Medford as often as they change their suit coats is going to be touching applications for a free speech component?  

IN what universe?

The City of Medford has to walk the walk.  It has deceived cable tv subscribers for decades and enjoyed the franchise fee.  

The authorities that oversee equal opportunity employment will be apprised of how Medford treats my application.  Let us hope Medford will see the need to play fair and not demand you get married to the brother of the uncle of the daughter of the mayor's campaign manager.  Nepotism has no place in city government, yet nepotism (or as Johnny Byers calls it "Nephewtism" for his friend Paul) flourishes in this city.  So much for crop rotation and a healthy harvest.

This e mail can be considered an application, however, a formal application for the job will be filed when Mark Rumley, Jeanine Femino-Camuso and other unqualified individuals with a vendetta against this producer recuse themselves from the process.

"The City of Medford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/504 Employer

Discrimination by Type

Learn about the various types of discrimination prohibited by the laws enforced by EEOC. We also provide links to the relevant laws, regulations and policy guidance, and also fact sheets, Q&As, best practices, and other information.


For all of the reasons above, and more. 

I have a vision to BENEFIT our community.

The city of Medford needs to start SERVING the community.

This veteran of access TV has earned the right to work for the citizens of Medford, to truly facilitate access television for our community.


Joe Viglione 

cc: counsel