Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cugno would be better than Caraviello

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Thought #1
If Mike McGlynn and Stephanie Burke show up to endorse Mrs. Cugno, you KNOW that they believe she is a better choice than Rick Caraviello.

That's just logic 101.

Thought #2
Sure, Mrs. Cugno has a reputation for being smug, petty, vicious, and swears allegiance to whichever anti-christ is in office. We get that.  Plus, I have no evidence that she's been vicious to me, the "vicious" noted above is what people are telling me about the school committee person.  But that's ok, we can deal with vicious, we have been victorious over vicious and shall continue to be just that.

But Caraviello is just plain DUMB.

Anne Marie Cugno at least knows how to dress, play the game, and she can claim that "cugno cares" in her e mail address.  Cugno does care. About herself.

But that's ok too.  This is NOT a back-handed compliment.  Not at all.  I don't like the woman.

What this editorial states is the obvious.

Given the lesser of two evils, Cugno is a better choice than Caraviello.  Don't flatter yourself Anne Marie, you are no great shakes.  But at least when you engage in your behavior you don't act like Rick - looking like a slob waddling across Salem Street his backside hanging out bigger than his disgusting belly.

It's as ugly a scenario as obese Ed Finn falling asleep at the council, or Dello Russo and Knight lounging around, reclining in their lazy-boy chairs while on camera, grabbing 30K a year from unsuspecting citizens, looking like they are in the nastiest of gay bars (that we in the community avoid) up at the city council / Alden Chambers, giving all the self-respecting homosexuals in our world in this region a bad name.*

*Not saying Adam Knight is gay; saying he looks like one of those ugly vicious queens in the sleazy gay bars that has all the nice guys like me and my pals running for the door!

**and you know the kind of bars that I'm talking the ones that infiltrated the combat zone with signs on the mirror that said "NO DRUG DEALING ALLOWED" when everyone knew the sleazy Adam Dello Russo and Freddy Knight types were scurrying around with little packets of what they called "goodies" trying to corrupt people in that environment.  UGGH.

THAT is what City Hall Medford resembles with Knight, Dello Russo and Caraviello.

And if you did a parody, Scarpelli and Falco would fit in looking like two leather cruisers from the Ramrod Room with their bald heads, totally unaware of the machinations, the undercurrent not visible.  Both of them clueless...oblivious to the real forces at play. 

Of course at the City Council Falco and Scarpelli are fully aware of the games...I'm saying they would LOOK the part in some revealing documentary on the mini-mafia underworld, with Finn and Caraviello being the big fat dumb guys who take orders without thinking of the consequences.

Robots.  Bad, bad robots.

Mrs. Cugno is going to wipe the floor up with Caraviello.  It takes a piranha to eat a big fat piranha.   GO get him Mrs. C!!!