Sunday, May 28, 2017

improving the city of Medford

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Some random thoughts on improving Medford

Why do two daughters of an ex Mayor work at a school named after grandpappy?

It is awkward and feels like so much nepotism, not talent or smarts

Wouldn't they WANT to prove that the have teaching skills by working in Arlington or Somerville or Winchester or elsewhere?

If your brother was accused of attempting to kill a police officer after participating in a robbery next to the Slimy Law Office on High St - how do you become one of the highest paid cops in the city and be found - allegedly - like some DPW guy - allegedly asleep on the job? 

 On public monies!!!!!!

What?  In another city or town you might have to work for a living?

Then you have "the voice of Medford" related to another thug from the big robbery raking in the bucks while abusing Connect-CTY like Glenn Glose in Fatal Attraction on PCP

What an embarrassment!

The now-deposed 501c3 fraud called the ex mayor Chicken--it in the newspaper

The current mayor's husband is the clerk of court with a very dirty mouth

A council president gleeful about his moonlighting in 2014 only to say under oath that he didn't come a criminal trial in 2017

And a police detective - under oath -  "can't recall" an email in the friggin' evidence packet. Which was only the key document in a frivolous and malicious case. Ho hum.  A detective's JOB is to " recall"

A city lawyer telling a retired judge that he finds censorship "repugnant" and then smears a reporter in two different courtrooms while threatening to sue after allegedly caught moonlighting

Then there's the Chief of Police coddling criminal conduct by his own men while allowing false charges to go through -secretly - on the reporter exposing the Chief's wrongful conduct

Happy Memorial Day Weekend