Friday, May 26, 2017

Committee of Whole 5/31 City Hall Takes the Day off MONDAY

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Good News for Adam, Eddy and Freddy!

Your Editor has a press pass to Wonder Woman.

Note to Wonder Woman: See You Next Tuesday!

That means, with only one press pass available, he can't take his boyfriend (who took off to Europe that's a moot point!)...and he can't take any of YOU, not that he would have!

Adam is desperate for a press pass...we don't know why...perhaps because he is juvenile and obnoxious.

See y'all in June if you aren't on vacation...

City Hall will be closed on Monday May 29, 2017 “Memorial Day” because, like Ed Finn, they are a bunch of lazy SOB's!
 Please see attached Medford City Council Meeting Agenda 5-30-17 and Committee of the Whole Meeting Notice-5-31-17

Start off with Wednesday's Cow!
Hear Ed Fubb Finn MOOOOOOO when he falls asleep on you, Medford citizen