Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BARNUM: A Song for Rick Caraviello

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Belson's not far behind after hiring Heidi and Jenna!

here Is A Sucker Born Every Minute lyrics - Barnum Cast 

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There is a sucker born every minute
Each time the second hand sweeps to the top
Like dandelions up they pop,
Their ears so big, their eyes so wide.
And though I feed ?em bonafide baloney
With no truth in it
Why you can bet I?ll find some rube to buy my corn.
?Cause there?s a sure-as-shooting sucker born a minute,
And I?m referrin? to the minute you was born.
Each blessed hour brings sixty of ?em
Each time the wooden cuckoo shows his face
Another sucker takes his place,
And plunks his quarter on the line
To buy my brand of genuine malarkey.
God bless and love ?em!
But don?t feel sad or hoppin? mad or cause a scene
?Cause there?s a sure-as-shooting sucker born a minute, 
?Cause there?s a sure-as-shooting sucker born a minute,


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