Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Joe Vig Pop Explosion May 3 2017

971,780 @ 2:31 pm

Welcome to the Joe Vig Pop Explosion  live now 2:28 pm

prelude: Elton John  "My Quicksand"
from his album The Diving Board

1)Barbara Lee George  Too Young to Die

2)Tape    New Friends

3)Ed White   "Friend/I Believed/Friend"
(A medley of Joe Vig's Friend with Fox Pass song "I Believed" Live )

4)Bee Gees   Love You Inside Out

5)The Beach Boys  Wouldn't It Be Nice instrumntal

6)Ian Hunter   Dandy

7)Velvet Underground  Waiting for the Man
from the Quine tapes

8)Joe Vig inter-reviews Galaxy Quest Guardians

Frank reviews Kirk Kerkorian's Armenia film


Velvet Underground Part 2

9)Looking Glass  Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)

From Guardians of the Galaxy

10)Bruce Sudano   A Glass of Red and the Sunset

11)Bobby Whitlock and CoCo Carmel
Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad

12)Birdsongs of the Mesazoic  Rite of Spring (excerpts) 

13)Tremeloes  Here Comes My Baby  1967

14)Charles Berthoud  Resurrection

15)Chicken Slacks    Going to the Shack

16)Bev Grant   Hang on Girl

17)April Martin  One Kiss in the Rain

18)The Kat and Josh    Bare Bones

19)Bette Midler   Old Cape Cod
produced by Moogy Klingman

20)Barbara Lee George Too Young to Die
replay of this great song due to an audio problem at the beginning of the show)

21)Diana Ross  Chain Reaction
Diana with the Bee Gees...terrific, so terrific

22)California Country Girl - Feed the Kitty
Terrrrrific hook - 10 to the 5 to the 91 (highways)bring your bikini but leave your gun

*Mark Rumley will threaten to sue for use of the word "gun."  He reported the editor to the police for writing "water gun."  Oh he just loves the First Amendment doesn't that term limit proponent? (Not, on both counts!!!!)

23)Geoff Pango / Mr. Curt  Not Bad (But could be better)

24)Dear Forbidden  White on White

25)Fred Gillen Jr.  Where are you tonight, Fallen Angel?

26)Appomattox  All of a Sudden

27)England Dan  John Ford Coley
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight

28)David Bowie  Ziggy Stardust BBC