Friday, May 12, 2017

Maura Healey and the Medford Varsity Coach Scandal

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I hope the AG's office reads this one very carefully....

In a late night phone call my spies over at Tempone Manor tell me that people were chatting about The LaCascia Photos of
Mrs. Burke - Madame Mayor -  talking to a few people during lunch hour at a for-profit business, while she's supposed to be in the corner office improving Medford.  

People couldn't believe this mayor would be that stupid.  And then Mayor Burke's mother reportedly was (allegedly) eavesdropping and a resident yelled information about the varsity coach alleged scandal.  YIKES.   

Why would a mayor stash her mother in the projects?   Word is, Burke's mother is there to rally support for her daughter, and - if true - yet another Medford Housing Authority scandal...

Do you think Bob Penta would be pulling a stunt like that?  And people flock to see Bob Penta...he gets more people in attendance unannounced at Dunkin Donuts than Stephanie gets abusing Reverse 911/Connect CTY services...which we pay $36,200.00 per year for, according to a public records request.  And $25.00 for flyers  (I pay 4 cents per copy for xeroxes but ---what the hell - is it city money or her own money?  Since the city responded to the records request it looks like taxpayers got slapped in the face for yet another $25.00.    I can print 10 flyers for forty cents so you do the math!)

Mrs. Burke refused to talk to a senior whose two issues, and you already know what they are because I've discussed them at the city council:  a)the traffic disaster on Salem Street   b) (drum roll) public access TV

And Mrs. Burke did NOT have the decency to talk to THIS senior because her husband called me a "xxther..f..ker" - her vulgar Middlesex Superior Court clerk of courts assistant clerk / assistant husband hurled an obscenity at me, and for printing it on my blog she called the blog obscene. 

Mrs. Burke, it's just a mirror for you to look in to and see that you are the ostentatious, crass, classless, gaudy, flamboyant individual.   Oh there I go taking Solicitor Mark Rumley's frosty $20.00 words again ...Why doesn't Mr. Rumley audition for some Shakespeare play?  Every time the city lawyer speaks in Alden Chambers I feel like it's a Roy Belson version of America's Got Talent in the high school auditorium, but I digress...  Four Score and Seven Years Ago I come to Bury Caesar not to Praise Him, the Lady Doth Protesteth too Much methinks (and then Madame Knight scurries off under her umbrella in tears...)  Sheesh...   Then Belson shuts the lights reflecting and bouncing off of the heads of Councilor Scarpelli, former Council candidate Daveta and Councilor Falco and the place goes dark...and Chief MacGilvray of the Medford Police has to get the kids out before Jenna, the Varsity Coach and Agent Smith show up....ooops....  

"Joe thinks I hide sexual predators at the high school" Roy Belson says to new hire Krissy in our 2016 meeting in November.    Think?  Roy????   Who has to think when you hide them in plain sight!!!!!!   You own a floor at the Empire State Building (no joke, allegedly the school superintendent does!) what the hell are you doing in Medford?   Purportedly Pushing the Statute of Limitations Goal Posts back like a distressed public access TV president on steroids????

So why does the talk of a varsity coach and a student get the Superintendent, two mayors and a police chief like Sacco all agitated?  Maura Healey was just on MSNBC a few moments ago...maybe she needs to look into this?   A parody is just a parody until one reads between the lines.  Lock the four of them up, Maura... You talk about Russian election interference...but I digress again.  Oh this is a parody...there's no way a Medford Police Chief, two mayors and a school superintendent would hush up a sex crime, is there?    They only dragged me into court when I put in a public records request, and I defeated them all soundly.  You have a police detective on the witness stand, a detective, saying "I can't recall" when the document he couldn't recall was on the table...and I was reading it......but he's a detective who "can't recall" under pathetic. That's like a chef copying the recipe of that awful dinner in the film The Birdcage...

WAKE UP, MEDFORD, you have an ultra-sleazy Administration taking from you, picking your pocket, not acting like PUBLIC SERVANTS

Medford Candlelight Protests.... Citizens have to wake up. When a mayor goes to South Medford and no one shows up to see her, well, six to eight of us, and there's a big pile of pastry sitting there after 45 minutes and no one cares to grab a free treat, something is terribly wrong. Got some feedback that people are saying "What was she thinking?" going out in public - during lunch hour - few people showing up - Mrs. Burke's unpopularity exposed week after week after week. 

 There's no way that a woman so unpopular "won" the election. We have a Russia/Donald Trump situation here in Medford, and when Clerk Ed Finn allegedly was shopping with his wife on or about June 20, 2015 at Stop and Shop Salem Street and talked to Bob Cappucci saying in no uncertain terms that Burke would win the election and Bob Penta would lose, allegedly, how can a person so sure of the outcome be allowed to touch your votes?

Creepy Ed Finn, "slugger" Finn, is not honest with the citizens of Medford. He's a violent ex football player who slugged a gay senior citizen, and no one did anything about it.  Finn failed to show up in court while under subpoena. The subpoena is posted on my Facebook politics page and on my blog

In South Korea - something like South Medford - they held a candlelight protest, a peaceful protest, and got rid of their "leader."

We need to do the same.
Wake up, Medford.  The Burke Administration is robbing you blind...