Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 11. 2:52 pm. Access TV. Records

Hi Atty Scanlon

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Records, documents on the General Fund
How can there be a General Fund and no notes, emails, audio, photographs of dollars going in to a fund, where they came from, what they are paying

Medford is unique due to an ill-advised home rule petition forking a majority of the public access money in to this Bermuda Triangle of a General Fund which seems to have no paper trail

Could you kindly direct me to the records of these enormous funds?

We citizens are not Philadelphia lawyers, if we ask for documents then paid public servants have a duty to instruct us and be cheerfully helpful

An ex football player clerk like Ed Finn slugging a gay senior sends a clear message that has not gone unnoticed

A city council president illegally shutting down Facebook live 3/28/17 and Shab Khan promising to do as you requested and failing to do so is like Mark Rumley telling a retired judge that he's a proponent of free speech only to provide actions - on camera - in direct conflict with his magnanimous flowery speeches fristed with twenty dollar words lacking in integrity or...

A mayor lying to seniors about a meet and greet only to name-call if a journalist says 'boo' or "varsity coach" or both

Please don't hit me, i'm only the humble messenger looking for documents at 85 George P Hassett drive ---which resembles the home of Harry Houdini more than it does The People's Forum...

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On May 11, 2017, at 1:00 PM, Kim Scanlon <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Viglione:

I am in receipt of your request received via e-mail today (May 11, 2017) and will check again as to any documents pertaining to your requests. As you already know, the Public Records Law only applies to records. Record Access Officers arenot required to answer questions or create a record in response to a request; however, an RAO must provide any records that exist.

I have provided you with the records that the Finance Department has in existence in February and again in March. Nevertheless, I will check again for documents.

Very truly yours,

Kimberly M. Scanlon
Assistant City Solicitor
Records Access Officer
City of Medford