Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 8 at 7 PM in Alden Chambers, how to fight AIRPLANE NOISE by drowning it out with Rick Knight and Adam Caraviello's Cacophonic Voices

Hello this is Captain Barry Clemente calling you on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 4:31 and 4:32 pm because I am more obsessed with you than Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, only she seemed to be on crack.  

Be thankful it's not Gerry Clemente calling with an informational message! can Facebook Live the meeting unless Rick Caraviello is there to call the police in frivolous fashion, making Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction, Alexandra "Alex" Forrest look like a see, Mr. Caraviello will drag a senior citizen into court on false charges, he's so obsessed...and you, dear Medford, are stuck with a loser council president who mangles the language like Alexandra Forest putting a dictionary into a Mix Master.

On Monday May 8, at 7 pm at the Medford City Hall council chambers, there will be an informational public meeting for citizens who want to know more about the aircraft noise issue and what they can do about it. Topics covered will include RNAV procedures, noise metrics and online flight tracking and noise complaint tools Massport Advisory Committee Peter Houk and Luke Preisner (a Medford resident) Logan Comm. Advisory Committee will lead the festivities. All are Welcome..

LOGAN AIRPORT: Runway change could increase air traffic over ...…/logan-airport-runway-change-could…...
Nov 21, 2016 - LOGAN AIRPORT: Runway change could increase air traffic over Medford ... the amount of air traffic over Medford, said Luke Preisner, a Medford resident ... Advisory Committee and the Logan Community Advisory Committee.