Sunday, May 7, 2017

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It is TIME for REGIME CHANGE in Medford
By Joe Viglione

    In case you don't know it, Medford, the current mayor is the man behind the curtain pulling Stephanie Muccini-Burke's puppet strings.

   Mayor McGlynn has not gone to Tahiti, can claim he's on the payroll as a consultant for the Gilbane Corporation - but he is actually at the incognito firm of McGlynn, Belson, Sacco, Muccini-Burke, LTD

Look at the comments here:

Article in the Salem paper
McGlynn also served six terms in Massachusetts House of Representatives and has served as both the President of the Massachusetts Mayors Association and the Massachusetts Municipal Association.

  • kirbycol4
  • Rank 49
Thank God ! Too bad it wasn’t 20 years ago...time for a Mayor who will actually do something about the crappy roads, work with [ not against] the City Council and come up with a plan to revitalize the tired downtown area..
  • 2 years ago
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Annette Zuccola
  • Annette Zuccola
  • Rank 240
@kirbycol4 thank goodness now that the city is the worsed it ever was nothing got done just for who he knew good luck to the new mayor now the city should get back to normal.much better to live in.

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Authorizing Officer nameJohn J. McGlynn, Jr.
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