Saturday, May 13, 2017

Stooping to Stephanie's Vulgar Level

Mrs. Stephanie Muccini-Burke ran one of the most tasteless and vulgar campaigns in the history of Medford politics.

The unpopular Mrs. Burke was ruthless with her robo-calls disguised as "polling" which slammed her good friend Bob Penta in a way that some enemies do not behave.

Bob Penta went positive and ran a clean campaign.

Stephanie Burke's foul-mouthed clerk-of-court husband, Brian S. Burke (not to be confused with Clerk Burke who had an alleged prostitute perform sexual acts on him in Chelsea Court) was behind me at the Chevalier Theater in October 2015 blurting out an obscenity.

Perhaps he has a crush on me.  With a daffy wife like Stephanie I can assure you, it wouldn't be the first married man to have a thing for me.

You see Brian S. Burke behind you, you run.

No thank you.  Not my type.

But if Bob Penta chose not to stoop to the level of a Stephanie Muccini-Burke, it doesn't mean this blog won't.

And get this, Stephanie Burke with the dirty-tongue husband calls this blog "vulgar" when she has to hear that dirty dog day after day.

To paraphrase attorney Skerry:

"How does he eat with that mouth?"

More to come.

Varsity coaches, the sign of LaCrosse, you know the drill.