Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Cost of Barry Clemente...

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This website didn't cost you citizens a nickel,
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Think about it...and vote for Joe V for mayor!

And you thought Thomas K. Doherty and
Gerry Clemente cost you a bundle!

What are we paying Alan Doherty and Barry Clemente for?  And WHY?

Public Records Request Documents to follow

The Cost of Barry Clemente

Dear Citizens, did you know that you are paying $38,200.00 a year along with the million dollars or so you pay for public access TV that you aren't getting?

That's right. Where Barry Clemente could reach MORE people with access TV that we already pay for but do not receive, how about a whopping $114,600.00 for the past 3 years of Mr. Clemente's phone calls which appear to serve the mayors rather than give us 911 emergency information.

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