Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Uncle Barry and Uncle Roy...wayyyyyy too costly! 25 weeks and 3 days to ELECTION DAY NOVEMBER 7 I will save you $$$$ as Mayor

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Dear Attorney Scanlon (and Atty Rumley):

Thank you for the public records request.   Everything is in order and I am happy with the response.


To paraphrase (or actually quote) councilor Marks "I'm confused"
$114,600.00 for 3 years, or $38,200 for Oct 24, 2014, Oct 9 2015 and Sept. 9 2016 for a service that hardly gives us emergency calls, but seems - rather - to be used for promotional purposes, is extreme when I've been in touch with Mark E. Rumley over public access.

Now if an average household had the choice of using the approximately 1 million dollars for access TV where Barry Clemente could - seemingly -reach more people - and save the 38,200 per year additional fee, the majority of citizens would get rid of the Connect CTY cost.

Fiscal year 2014 we paid Captain Barry Clemente 190,518.90    Take Alan Doherty's 203,623.70 along with Clemente's salary, and
the buck plus 115 for Connect CTY, put them all out to pasture, and - as Mayor - I will save the city over 500k. 

Uncle Barry                                                                                                             190,518.90
ADPS - Alan Doherty's Perpetual Siesta according to Channel 5                203,623.70
Connect CTY                                                                                                          114,600.00

(Bonus, send Roy Belson to the empire state for added savings!)

In plain English, we are paying over 1.5 or 1.6 million in services that include items that

a)we're not receiving

b)we do not need

But what do I know?

I do thank you for the information, though.

In 25 weeks and 3 days you can vote for me   November 7, 2017

Warm Regards,

Joe Viglione