Friday, May 5, 2017

Video Commentary on Chief Sacco's Speech Part 1 - Community Media Medford - A Medford Business listed at City Hall

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May 5, 2017

Community Media Medford Program #2

Commentary on Chief Sacco's meeting at the Senior Center

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Community Media Medford
Medford Information Central
are businesses filed with the clerk's office at
City Hall, Medford

The only city hall where you pay a fee to file a business and a few weeks later the clerk slugs you.

And the police do nothing about it.

Additional information to post here pronto!

May 4 @ 3:12 pm

Hello Jenn, Leo, Kim and Shab:

1)Is there a new RFP for the tv station. I, of course, would like a copy

a)I was the ONLY person to submit a proposal when Mayor McGlynn requested it

b)There is no argument that I hold more memberships at access TV stations currently, and have interviewed more people than anyone in Medford, having met (but not interviewed) Alfred Hitchcock at 18 years of age, and interviewed well over a thousand personalities...and probably have produced and/or hosted more cable TV than anyone in Medford over the past 38 years  Bill Press from CNN (now on Sirius/XM), Don Brewer and Mark Farner of Grand Funk (they don't even speak to each other! I put the two interviews on one that the fans could hear from both,) Robert Zemeckis (back to the future,) Rob Fraboni (produces the Rolling Stones,) Mick Taylor (of Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones bands) get the 997 or more names to the list. Michael Moore etc etc. etc

2)Chief Sacco, you have 26 views so far of the first part. Would have liked to have taped the entire session but I have so much work to do ....that I have to be careful of my time.

a)here are the 3 videos

Video of Chief Sacco at Senior Center Part 1

Video Part 2   Part 1 still uploading 

Video Part 3  Senior Center hosts Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. May 3, 2017
Part 3 Chief Sacco at Senior Center May 3, 2017
b)Notice that when Jack Dempsey gets 75k of our access TV money you and Chief Gilberti look like you are starring in silent movies from the 20s.  At 75k ya think the guy would use a lav microphone or put a little care and concern into cablecasting the police and fire chief, one would think.    How does this service the cable subscribers paying Jack Dempsey so much money that he does NOT deserve?   How does this service public safety?

It doesn't.

Yet my qualifications, which you can see by merely viewing your work, Chief Sacco, are not the proper qualifications

Qualification #1  You must have voted for McGlynn or Burke

Qualification #2   There is no other qualification - other than you cannot be critical or ask about bomb sniffing dogs and varsity coaches

The police have asked me for help on numerous occasions.  Tony's Gas Station robbery and the First Dental window smashing had help from this citizen.  I believe the police apprehended the offenders thanks to my help, yet when I was assaulted by TV3 on or about April 27, 2010, and the police determined I was the sole victim, they had me "mediate" with my attackers.  In what universe?  Does a rape victim mediate with his or her attacker?

Then when Ed Finn slugged me hard, I was charged with "Witness intimidation" with a lying, mumbling, stumbling buffoon that I defeated in a court of law, which cost me thousands of dollars. Which was the intent of City Hall.

It's time to stop coddling criminals like Stephen Lebert, the thieves who took the copper at the housing authority, and it is time for city hall to respect senior citizens like Dr. Storella, Bob Penta, myself and others who get viciously slammed by Dello Russo,
Knight and Caraviello as if they are the new board of directors of TV3.

In case you are wondering, NONE of this is said in humor, I am as serious as a judge.

JV to Caraviello: "I've won four court cases in a row"

Caraviello: Maybe you'll make it five

JV: Yes, as I'm suing you next.

Ms. Khan, you said you would get me information on the General Fund last month "in a few days" - but, typical, non-transparent City Hall, I need public records requests, Facebook Live, the Open Meeting Law and the Sec of State to get any information from PUBLIC SERVANTS who - in the case of Caraviello and Knight - can't pronounce the words let alone define them.

Joe Viglione  

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