Thursday, May 11, 2017

What kind of parents are they? Reporting on some strumpet

Allegedly, some young woman was "very popular" at Medford High School.

Allegedly, a varsity coach was dismissed.

What kind of parents bring up a child who is promiscuous in high school - allegedly - to the place where not only the students were having a very good time, so did a teacher, allegedly.

You wonder why a former director of personal (ooops! now THAT's a Freudian slip) director of personnel AND personal doesn't want to discuss "vulgar" behavior?

The only thing "vulgar" about this blog,

Madame Mayor, is the reporting on vulgar things going on in Medford.

As director of personnel you should go directly to those parents or parent and give him or her a piece of your mind!

In a perfect world...if the "mayor" had any ethics.

Who said the Friday Night Filth Fest was limited to a tv station?   The Friday Night Filth Fest  probably happened in the back of a car!!!! as well as on tv.

But - allegedly - not with Dr. Rabies...eeeek....he struck out, the allegation goes!  Maybe the young lady in the wheelchair had a water pistol filled with Raid to allegedly fend off the despicable old creep?