Tuesday, May 9, 2017


didn't some sex offender work for a taxi or a  limo company or a bus or something ?? in the days before Uber?

got any photos of a sex offender driving school kids on prom night? 

want to buy some??? 

Group photo anyone?

Medford's own UBER service before you had to be careful about getting into that vehicle!!!!!

To Officer Ghilain and Officer MacGilvray - do you fellows, as public safety specialists...happen to know who endorsed a sex offender to work at Medford Housing Authority and have a key to every apartment?

Golly, gee, who could it be? 

Wonder if we find out the day the Police Union makes its endorsement? 

Medford mayor, Housing Authority call for resignation of housing chief ...
May 3, 2012 - The entire Medford Housing Authority board as well as the city's mayor ... A recent check by the authority indicated he was a sex offender, ...http://archive.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2012/05/03/medford_mayor_housing_authority_call_for_resignation_of_housing_chief_robert_covelle/

All four commissioners on the board, which has one vacancy, informed the Globe Wednesday night that they would vote to dismiss Covelle if he did not resign. At least one, Sylvia Jean Baumeister, said she made her decision after learning that a maintenance worker had been hired - and given a master key to authority properties - despite having a criminal record.

“I’m very angry and very upset about this,’’ Baumeister said. “Someone has made a huge mistake. It’s going to have to be dealt with.’’

Covelle allowed James J. O’Brien, a close friend of the authority’s operations director, to be hired as a maintenance worker in 2010 without board approval and without obtaining the usual criminal background check, records show.

A recent check by the authority indicated he was a sex offender, according to several board members.