Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Burke vs Kathleen McGlynn 2019 ???

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The Paul Donato Report

Sources tell us that Paul J. Donato was absolutely RIPPING when Carl Sciortino landed a high-paying job, Sciortino walking away from the voters to grab the job leaving no State Rep in place for the seat now held by Christine Barber

Donato, one foot out to pasture already, made his deal with the devil, McGlynn. He is now supporting Muccini-Burke and - here's the conflict - the woman alleged to be going for Donato's seat, Kathleen McGlynn-Brady.

We said over a year ago that Muccini-Burke was a mere placeholder for the McGlynn dynasty. With a little taste of power without having to do any real work, Muccini-Burke doesn't want to let go.  Get set for the real battle.

The rumor of McGlynn battling Burke over Lisa Evangelista was nonsense; it was obvious they wanted a distraction and that McGlynn, Belson and Muccini-Burke (along with worthless chief Leo A. Sacco Jr.) all have to push the goal posts back together till that darn statute of limitations is found...where oh where did they put it?
 No Honor amongst Crooked Politicians

We all know the score 

more about this soon. 

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