Wednesday, March 29, 2017

First, MCAD, then Federal Lawsuit

December 6, 2017

A proposed deal that would cost the city of Waukegan $42,500 to settle a lawsuit filed by a local activist remains in limbo.

The lawsuit filed by Waukegan resident Ralph Peterson — first in federal court in June and then in Lake County court a week ago — argues that the city violated his First Amendment rights at three different City Council meetings.

The incidents include an August 2015 meeting when he was told not to take photos during the meeting; a December 2015 incident when he was escorted out of the meeting after bringing up a former Waukegan police chief in the context of the now-disgraced former Fox Lake Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz; and a March 2016 meeting when he was told he couldn't speak during the public-comment portion because someone else had put his name on a list of those wishing to speak.
Peterson originally demanded $125,000 to drop the lawsuit but has said since then he's willing to accept the $42,500, which first came before the Waukegan City Council a month ago but was tabled and then tabled again later that month.