Saturday, March 25, 2017


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If Adam Knight and Ed Finn Hate Us,
We Must Be Doing Our Job!!!
An ongoing series on the lack of public service by individuals who voted for their own pay raise.

#1 in a Series
ADAM KNIGHT, City Council of Medford

Go through the motions (like Adam does) on the City Council Agendas will find
Mr. Knight congratulating a 60 year old person, then a 90 year old person he allegedly mistakes as 80, you will find Knight giving shout outs to people he wants to give him votes, using the bully pulpit in an inappropriate manner.   Essentially, campaigning for the next election by his fraud votes, his council rules sleight of hand, his intentional mumbling and fumbling as a speaker, and his minor league histrionics as he attempts to emulate Mark Rumley's variety of shenanigans.

You see, it's the PEOPLE'S FORUM.

Adam Knight doesn't give a damn about you.

He voted for his own pay raise with not one ethical vote under his belt the third week in.

The violent union-types you see on the front pages of the daily papers are behind the thug known as Councilor Adam Knight.

Knight is NOT a public servant. He is a sick joke played upon the citizens of Medford.

We challenge Mr. Knight to show what he has done for this community.

His underhanded dirty way of playing with the council rules is about to be exposed.