Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dello Russo's Constituents are Creeped Out by the Gay Undertaker --- and the only constituents that might talk to him are dead!!!!

948,041 @ 10:06 am


Michael, that's crude. In the city of Medford, Massachusetts they violate free speech rights all the time, costing citizens thousands of dollars when they file false charges, the city losing the cases, and engaging in threats, free speech violations and malicious abuse of process. It is sick. When a Ralph Peterson fights for free speech rights we say "bravo." Chicago, like Medford Mass., is far from ethical. Don't get me started, it's an ugly path of malfeasance when you rip away the layers and see how creepy alleged "public servants" can be. You should be praising Mr. Peterson's efforts. See the Cheryl Voight case in Medford, or the news article on how the City Council President filed a vicious case and lost 1/31/17. A thug in public office is still a thug, and Mr. Peterson has spent time and effort cleaning up your city. You should be helping him.