Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ed Finn must Resign or be Fired

946,922@10:50 am

Edward P Finn must be removed from our city government

That is our new mission and we will succeed in Finn's removal

Now that Richard F Caraviello admitted under oath that Extra Large Finn was involved in a yelling incident,  why should the city offer a temperamental hothead to unsuspecting couples looking to get married?

The filthy slob who left a dirty steak knife outside of Alden Chambers for months disrespected any wedding party not wanting to have memories of their special  day be something out of a violent Alfred Hitchcock movie

A dirty, filthy steak knife is the image as you head off to your honeymoon.


Thanks to Ed Finn who, in a Donald Trump-like move, blamed
old lady Lonergan for the pile of trash outside of the hall where wedding ceremonies are held.

Good one.  Not

No accountabilty. No respect. No ethics. No sense of duty for the money
Ed is paid

The smell is off - ugly - with agitated slovenly Ed falling asleep while you
take your vows. Nice memory for the picture book, eh??

We got rid of TV 3 when Chris D and others thought that impossible

Ed Finn is a bad man and multiple lawyers are looking at the essentials of Finn's dereliction of duty for my case against the monster, Finn

Finn WILL be removed from public life and be embarrassed by his awful actions

So help me God

I have become quite efficient in removing these bad apples

With McGlynn doing me a favor and exiling Mr Caraviello
the focus can be on calling Waste Management to remove that
useless tub of moldy old lard

The ten year contract with WM has to be good for something

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Do you see a boxcutter on the window sill at city hall
after lazy Ed Finn performed your wedding ceremony?

A dirty, filthy steak knife?  Ron DeLucia upside down?
Madame Knight's yellow teeth?

JD Sports videos can remove Finn's ugly boxes and his ugly mug from your photos. Gladly!!!  All creepy extraneous matter
removed. It is expensive, but worth every nickel