Sunday, March 26, 2017

Specter of Varsity Coach Hangs over Administration Like a Dark Cloud

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The Varsity Coach Allegations
The gift that keeps on giving

It lingers in the air over the
former Director of Personnel
City Solicitor, Police Chief, Superintendent
and the School Committee of 2015
George Scarpelli, John Falco, Paulette Van der Fruit, Anne Marie Cugno and the gang

Makes one wonder if any cops who contributed to the political campaign of a director of personnel knew anything and might, allegedly, be culpable?  Looking in to THAT aspect of this horrific set of allegations!

Can you imagine if a crime like this was covered up for political expediency?     

Looks like a job for Harriet Sokmensuer

She reports on stories such as these

Harriet Sokmensuer

Rodney Thomas
DeKalb County Sheriff's Office
A Missouri middle school teacher has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, enticement of a child and sodomy after he allegedly abused 10 of his students, PEOPLE confirms.
Rodney Thomas — a 39-year-old teacher and wrestling coach in Maysville, Missouri — is accused of inappropriately touching and suggesting sexual contact with the students at the Maysville R1 School between August 2016 and January 2017, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

50-Year-Old Ex-Teacher Accused of Kidnapping Teen Student Thought He’d Make a Great Educator

Enough to make one indulge in The Sign of LaCrosse this Easter season!

When the citizens will rise up and demand answers

50 Year Old Teen Kidnapper "thought he'd make a great educator" did the fraud
Educator of the Year, Heidi Riccio

Did Heidi come in BEFORE or AFTER the June 30, 2015 Expiration Date of said
Varsity Coach?

Is he still teaching somewhere?   

File Under: Tenna Jarabelsi got a raw deal!

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