Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MCAD filing against Caraviello next up on the Docket

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Just spoke with Assistant City Solicitor Kim Scanlon about the outrageous censorship by Caraviello last night. 

Most likely visiting the MCAD tomorrow and pressing retaliation charges. I will be at the council next week and Atty Scanlon said she would be there. So last night anyone who doesn't have cable TV was DENIED my live feed because bullies Dello Russo (your creepy undertaker,) Knight (Old Yellow Tooth himself) and Mr. Malicious Abuse of Process Caraviello think they can mess with the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

Can anyone get Mr. Knight some teeth whitener and a good diction course? 

 Thank you.

Dear Atty Scanlon:

Thank you for the note to Mr. Finn.   I'm concerned that our rights are being stripped away 
by this city council and why an attorney has to advise Mr. Finn to give me the documents requested.

Also, last night Mr. Caraviello attempted to have my camera (on the iPhone) so far away from the podium that it would not pick up the audio.  Caraviello - in a nasty tone - says "It's not my problem."  He also called the police (a Paul Camuso stunt) when there was no reason to call the police.  

When I complied with his outrageous request (which a bully assumes the victim will not comply with) you can hear him on my video say he is going to call them anyway

 Caraviello PRIOR to the Council Meeting "I've asked you not to film in here without permission. If you want to film you film over there.  If I have to (mumbled word) again you'll have to be removed by the police.  Stand over there and film."  

So I complied.

"But I cannot hear anyone" (meaning, the audio for the camera)

Caraviello "That's not my problem"  (Actually, when we get Caraviello back in front of a judge, it will most certainly be his problem, along with his next bit of wrongful conduct, abusing our city's police department)

Caraviello then called the police even though I complied.

(At this point, people, I just walked out of Alden Chambers and exited to the parking lot where I encountered two fine officers of the Medford Police Department that I have respect for.)

I spoke with Officer Joseph Gagliardi ... why are our resources being wasted when there is no disruption, the council meeting wasn't even on, councilors roaming around,
and Caraviello, who lost a case on 1/31/17, again acts - not as a public servant -  but as an angry, vindictive, hostile individual engaging in censorship because
he wants only cable TV subscribers to see his shenanigans, not the rest of  Medford who are not able to get cable tv, probably can't afford it due to the pay raises
the councilors voted for themselves, and parking fees, etc.

So is this the new way of doing business in Medford, tell a resident who criticizes councilors under the 1st Amendment Mr. Rumley claims he embraces, that the police are going to escort hm out of Havana City Hall?

Please let me know if Caraviello is going to make up more delusions as he did in a court of law.   

Am I going to be censored, as Caraviello has falsely used the court system to do in the past?

Thank you

Joe Viglione  

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