Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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Will the Mustang High School paper rescue this reporter?

To Roy E. Belson:

MHS Mustang News
489 Winthrop Street
Medford, MA 02155
(781) 393-2101

Dear Superintendent Belson:

Can you issue me a press pass from MHS Mustang News?    

(credentials listed)

I've written for Inside Medford but Allison is on assignment in Russia covering Donald Trump's ties to Vladmir Muccini-Burke and cannot make me a press pass in time for tonight's fiasco.

I'm hoping that I can satisfy the demands of former councilor Paul "Butcher Boy" Camuso, stuttering Adam Knight whose diction is atrocious (for 30k a year,) and the malicious Council President Rick Caraviello who recently lost in criminal court after saying, under oath, that he was "probably" called a blowhard and definitely was "on the list" of one of Medford's TOP 10 SOB's.

Can Dr. Heidi Riccio just make up a credential and e mail it over to me IMMEDIATELY so that I can sit at the Reporter's Desk ---she can write something cool for me "Head Reporter of the Ron Hubbard Foundation," Lawrence Voke/Tech Chief Journalist, Editor of the Daily Planet (that should impress Mr. Knight!)

I need it IMMEDIATELY as showtime is 7PM in 90 minutes.

Thank you so much!

Joe Viglione  

6:16 pm
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